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Joke: crushing on someone you meet irl

Woke: crushing on someone you met online and lives half way round the world

"what did u learn in psychology today" that im gonna die alone, nothing new

"if you can't love yourself no one will ever be able to love you and you'll just be an ugly, terrible person" haha UH OH

thank goodness 4 caffeine whew

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🇪 🇦 🇹 🇬 🇷 🇴 🇧 🇱 🇪

Instead of Mario in Mario we got mike Cole

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Instead of Shy Guys in Mario we got Rye Guys

who the fuck is running a leaf blower outside my room at this time in the morning. we need 2 have a talk

this sounded mean omg. he's a nice guy But he already made like 3 posts makin me sound sketchy overnight

arwalk says weird stuff pls don't listen to him @ new people
im not some kind of pervert like he is;;

ok sleepy enough now, good night everyone! take care!

this was not meant to be taken in a weird way, 2 b clear

arwalk i do not trust you with this at all, just so you know

if you say "squid" 3 times to the mirror before going to bed, ill appear in your dreams!

like how red pen always seems intimidating, even if it's not

the way riot makes messages containing your name red is kind of alarming, i always feel like im in trouble

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