I love being a shithead. Don’t @ me about it. Good Night

Therefore i am deleting my account. Goodbye

Jeff the killer x slender man x Ben drowned yaoi amv [best friend by toy-box]

maybe i shouldn’t bring morsh to the new place he doesn’t even like me anymore ;_____; he already forgot about me

turns out accomplishments don’t matter at all bc everything still sucks

not that anything ive done is even that good

isn’t existing just awful? like doesn’t that shit just suck?

This drawing of Yoshi and Toad from Game & Watch Gallery 4 is the only time Toad has ever been depicted with visible teeth in any official artwork for a game. t.co/lEfRj742VF

the purest friendships are the ones where they only talk to you when they want something uwu

would it be bad to bring morsh to this new place bc i miss him so much but im worried it’s bad for cats to move ;_____;

good morning woke up feeling bleh again lollll

i need someone to hit me on the head w a baseball bat so I can sleep ty

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