someone borrowed my favorite white shoes and ruined them they are so filthy now :D also whoever used my coffee machine last left it sitting for so long the coffee beans were moldy and there was mold floating in the coffee pot :D

I got a scarecrow costume for Halloween n is actually so cute I luv it

tfw stomach hurty and dizzy and i moved my chair earlier and saw it at the end of my bed and thought someone was standing there

I’m drunk and I’m hiding from my bf in the bathroom not for any reason just because I can

i am so embarrassing i should be kept in a soundproof safe

Good morning i woke up at 8 on the day I rly wanted to sleep in ;-;


Door update!!! The top hinges came completely off

Haircut euphoria has officially worn off. sad to announce I am ugly again

Galaxy brain: shirt longer than shorts

This will haunt me forever who WAS that

I could have at least been like “how have you been!!!” But instead I just “hey 🧍‍♀️” and we maintained eye contact for like 5 seconds of dead silence JCJFJGRYG

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I just left work and this guy made eye contact and said hey rye and I have no idea who he was???!!!!!!!!!!! I was just like hey!!!! And I stood there for a second like. No thoughts head empty.

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !