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I gargled essential oils every day for 14 months and now i cannot die

running on caffeine, advil, & some cold medicine idk how to spell let’s get this bReAd gAmeRs woohoo

blehhhhh i love waking up at 5 for no reason & just not going back to sleep ;______;

i have to meet with an advisor to apply for graduation & im so scared im gonna get the super mean one again lmao

idk why i woke up 4 hours earlier than i needed to but that’s cool

i posted a funny picture of myself when i was 5 captioned “ill never be this cool again” and my friends mom replied “true story” got damn i got roasted

going through old stuff has been interesting bc i used to draw so much & have so many ideas there are sketchbooks and binders and notebooks full lol rip

rly wanna keep organizing my room and stuff but i should probably just rest

overdoing it is how i got here in the first place lolllll

11:11 wish to get better soon ;___;

well i officially got a cold again i was wrong & it wasn’t just a cough. tell me friends, what’s it like to breathe through your fucking nose. i know not

Breaking my kneecap on purpose because I have free will

That’s the problem with no longer getting enjoyment out of anything haha!

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