why even bother requesting days off at work when im gonna get scheduled ANYWAY UGHHHGBFCCCVV

Ive been 21 for a few months now and i still haven’t rly been to a bar that’s DUMB

i kept snorting when i laughed & my roommate said “peppa pig who” NHGCSGFHJHFXFFHTGBF


Not to get political but has anyone seen my water bottle I think I left it somewhere

lmao i was looking up pictures of an anime character & a drawing I did like 5 years ago showed up that is TRIPPY

not gonna lie i have no idea what any of you are talking about

someone pls teach me how to be actually cute i Need

i m not cute enough to act like such a shithead weirdo all the time like that’s why guys don’t fucken like me the FUCK

Haha that’s so funny what’s your address :)

I’m sorry this has been stuck in my head for the past week I just had to get it out of there

slobber on my knobber like corn on the cobber

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