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:blobheartcat: 3nigmatico ๐Ÿ”ฐ @robots@niu.moe

One of these days I'm going to quit computing. All of it. I'm going to live in a mountain without any trace of technology.

it's a good thing our free market capitalist system has produced multiple competitive chip manufacturers so that consumers can purchase computers with CPUs that are not riddled with hardware level security vulnerabilities #intel #foreshadow

I don't know what's the most disastrous invention in the history of mankind, if the atomic bomb, or Intel's speculative execution.

Oh no, another speculative attack :shrug_akko:

I'm not kidding, at this rate it's going to be more profitable to buy an old 486 or a Pentium Pro. With so many security patches dropping the performance of the CPU, it's going to be even faster... and safer. ffs...