@roobre @eskuero Gargron doesn't own the fediverse, fortunately. And it's only natural to move to the ""competition"" when you don't like the decisions someone is taking.

I quoted the word ""competition"" with double quotes in hope everyone notices the quotes...

@eskuero @roobre Sure, why complaining? Just let everyone do whatever they want without complaining.

@roobre @eskuero I mean, I could explain it further, but not with 500 characters. That's also another good reason to move out.

@roobre @eskuero The problem is not with Mastodon, I don't know if you understand the situation properly.

Gargron is the person who created Mastodon, and now he decided to "follow the example of other people" and make his own "blocklist" so others can block whatever he considers "harmful".

And since I'm completely against this practice because it's simply stupid and problematic, I decided it's better not to support him by using his software.

Please follow the thread for more information.

Freedom of speech, but only for what I want you to have freedom of speech.

@roobre @eskuero And this is a problem because it causes problems among people that register on different instances that block each other, because they don't know it.

@roobre @eskuero It's not a collaborative list. It's a list someone owns where the owner can add any arbitrary instances they consider "harmful" for their own reasons.

These are not forced but they are recommended, and some people that are new uses them thinking it's a good thing.

The problem is that a lot of instances that goes into these are there just for a single user. Not because the instance is bad.

Niu, for instance, is on Dzuk's.

@roobre @eskuero I'm not complaining about the instance block feature. Please have a bit of understanding, it's the BLOCKLIST the problem here.

That's why I'm saying, if you give your users the option to CHOOSE, let them CHOOSE. Do not impose your ideas into others.

@eskuero Will switching to Pleroma help to solve this situation? Maybe not. But am I supposed to support somebody who does this by using his software?

No way.

@eskuero The problem is, I block your instance, others follow what I say blindly, they block your instance, and then users of that instance won't be able to communicate with other instances.

And no matter how free your lines of code are, if this is like this, blocks will be centralized.

In other words, fuck blocklists.

@eskuero Free as in free of charge. But other instances will block whoever is in that list blindly just because Gargron or the orc says they should be blocked. Which can cause troubles to other users.

@eskuero It's not just that, it's the idea that a piece of software that was supposed to be free has to be politicized by even it's own creator.

Stop imposing ideals into others. If you give your users the tools to choose who they must block or not, let them choose.

I'm strongly considering switching to pleroma for one single reason: I'm sick of the "blocklists".

I already ranted about this before: they are a way of centralization in its own, and they do nothing good to the fediverse.

Now that Gargron decided to have his own, I think it's time to consider moving away from Mastodon.

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