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And for the "I want my site to be displayed in a terminal", there is Lynx and there are guidelines on how to make your site semantic. Again, if people decides to force their users to use JS and stuff, it's THEIR fault. Stop blaming the technology for the misuse of said technology. People can be jackass, we know.

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@robots so is it better to use less javascript/backend stuff and more CSS/HTML? hmm

@karolat Well, it depends on what you want to do. The less JS you are required to use, the better. If you can do something with HTML/CSS and avoid the usage of JS, then I'd recommend doing it with HTML/CSS.

The problem is that some sites use JS to display/hide or style elements. That's something that must be avoided.

@robots JavaScript is supposed to be for dynamic content, not for styling static content; Which is also why I prefer using CSS over JavaScript.

@robots Yes. There are things that you can't do with CSS (or are overly complicated). Still, it's probably a better choice to use CSS whenever possible, since it's usually easier on the client's CPU.

@mezzodrinker CPU is one thing, yes. But modern computers and even smartphones and tablets can handle it without the user even noticing a thing.

The problem is that everything in the web must be accessible for everyone. For people that use JavaScript, and people who prefer to not use it. And that's where most websites fail.

I can understand there are cases where JavaScript is required, but if you can avoid it, avoid it.

@robots no no no.

we invented modern browsers for a reason

fuck em terminals.

@miwilc @robots And them people who have privacy concerns and hence disable JavaScript functionality in their browser?

@miwilc Sure didn't look like one ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ