After trying to introduce PeerTube to a bunch of people that was complaining about Youtube and asking for an alternative to it, I concluded that people DON'T want an alternative to Youtube. They just want to whine about things.

In fact, people don't want any alternatives to any services at all. They just want to whine about things.

"Same centralized, behemoth size and automated YT, but better somehow"
What other complains about PeerTube(it is still in beta AFAIK)did come from them?

@Skoll3 Uuuuhh... something really stupid, to be honest. Mostly that "it's something that has been tried billions of times" (yeah, no), and also something about it's moderation that I already explained to them. But they still ignored me.

So I told them to "dream on" if they want a big company to offer them something good for free, left a few links for anyone that might be interested, and then gave up.

>tried billions of times
The only similar thing that comes to mind is BitChute, that is still closed source and centralized in hosting, and no self hosting
If they missed the point of peertube, there whole lots of failed centralized video hostings that failed
But, again this is not the point of PT

@Skoll3 Yeah, they came with that and I told them that it's not the same thing. But it doesn't matter, they'll still come up with any other excuse anyways.

@robots It is not popular and it got no %Youtuber_that_i_want_to_watch% thing
And this is in beta atm

@Skoll3 It has no fornite gameplays yet. 0/10, would not use.

@robots I mean sure things could be better but YT is great for what it does.

The only problem is now with old media trying to sabotage it via advertisers.

@miwilc I'm not saying YT is not great, nobody said it's not. It's just that it has a lot of corporative policies that harm the content creators. Taking down videos that suggest other platforms as an alternative, for instance. Among many other things (the copyright filters, for instance).

That's why we need to be in control of our content.

@robots peertube can and will be sued for DMCA and as far as I can see(?) it has no polices for dealing with it. Which is worrisome.

>corporative policies that harm the content creators

That's vague statements, anyway it allows YT to exist without interfering with legal matters of it's users

As far as taking down videos goes, they only do that when it's a 30 second video with a plain text.

@miwilc PeerTube is just a software, I don't see why it will get a strike for DMCA. You probably mean the instance owners that might get copyrighted content in their platforms. Sure thing, that can happen with Mastodon too, or Diaspora, or any platform that can be used to upload multimedia files... that's why moderation should be a thing if you plan on running your own, open instance, right?

@robots sure, but in YT it is the user's responsibility not YT. (Or not in the instance admin in peertube's case)

@miwilc It is now. As far as I recall, Google already got sued for DMCA before, which is why they implemented the copyright filters in their platform and made it so the responsibility falls in their users.

@miwilc But have in mind that any platform that allows their users to upload content can also be sued too for copyright infringement, as I already stated.

The important thing to avoid problems is to have active and strong moderation. Even if some idiot uploads copyrighted content, if you remove that before 12 hours the LEA has no time to move all the paperwork to fine you before the problem is gone.

@miwilc Either that or, you run your own instance. Hey, if you are an important youtuber, you sure must be able to get one working easily, even if you have to pay someone else to set it up for you.

@robots that doesn't make any sense, there is no upside to hosting a peertube instance in that case.

@miwilc Yes there is, you are in control of your own stuff. People does it, in fact. Blender has its own, private instance.

@robots I really don't see the upside, sure you own the content, but you don't get paid, in fact you have to pay for it.

It's a fun experiment but don't hope for it to take on YouTube.

@miwilc Why not? You can still have your sponsorship, your donations, and all that. Plus, you get away from all the imposed rules that bring your content down. I don't see the downsides of it... To me, it looks more like people wants Youtube, but they don't want to change, you know...


Those are YouTube gaming features, the main selling point is the ads that you can make money from.

>imposed rules


The community guidelines is fine and if your content violates it you don't deserve to upload to YouTube anyway imo.

@miwilc As I'm saying, Youtube is literally removing videos that promote other platforms. Aside from that, there is the dreaded copyright filter that is taking down videos even if you are the copyright owner yourself. It's terrible! They also changed the rules to monetized your videos, which also caused a lot of controversy in the past.

The ads don't give you enough money anyways. Most popular channels works with sponsorships and/or donations in patreon, rather than ads. Adblock, etc.

@miwilc I understand that aside from that, they still have millions of subscriptions there and that they don't want to radically change from one to another platform. That's fine! Just have it as a secondary thing, introduce it to your followers slowly, add some exclusive content there to attract them, etc.

@robots seems like a waste of time imo.

We'll see what happens in the end.

@miwilc In the end you will end using it the same as you are using Mastodon now.

You probably said the same things about Mastodon being an alternative to Twitter two years ago... and here you are.

@robots hmm not really, Twitter two years ago was losing money.

The reason I'm using mastodon was not even that I wanted a twitter alternative.

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@robots 1) No. Only videos that are short plain text.

2) No again, the infringer just uploaded first. See the news article.

3) To be fair, that was in light of WSJ and advertisers pulling out.

4) YouTubers make more than twitch streamers on average I believe.

@miwilc >the main selling point is the ads that you can make money from.

That wasn't always the case, though. YouTube was already a huge site before the advertisers jumped on board. And anyways, that leads to a toxic scenario where the advertisers get to decide what is and is not permissible content. Certain content being forbidden because of advertisers wishes does indeed create a need for an alternative. An example from history, look at HBO vs network TV.



>active and strong moderation

Ah yes. I too like WATCHING EVERY DAMN VIDEO for audio clips that violate copyright

@miwilc It must be boring, I know... I bet they will add report functions so other users can report this kind of content.

Additionally, most sites include an option for the DMCA to send a notification if any of its content violates the copyright laws so they can remove it before getting their ass fined, by the way.

@robots What they want is YouTube minus the things they are whining about. PeerTube isn't that.

@thor Sure, I'd love Youtube to drop the copyright filters and their stupid imposed rules, like not promoting other platforms, etc.

Will they listen to me and do it? No. Why? Because that's not profitable for them. I know what they want, but it's not going to happen ever.

Google runs services for free and people pretend they are good samaritans or something. They forget that Google is a corporation and that they bought Youtube from someone else.

@robots The same applies to most things in life. Whining is easy. Change is hard!

@robots Don't worry of people !!! Just use tools you want. If they want to follow you they will create accounts. Now Things are changing... slowly but it is changing from the ground. A huge move still have to be done. But the direction is good.

Peertube will not compeet with youtube. It is just an alternative. No comparable.

I am dreaming of pixelfed in the same way. But I am still using instagram. So easy to use. Pixelfed has no app. The only answer I get is use  a browser. But if you use a browser you need
1. To remember the URL
2. To search a bwoser
3. To type the url of to remember where it is on the bookmark
4- Once you have the site you need to remember the email
5 type the email with your phone withour mistake
6 once it is does you need to remember the password
7 type the password without mistake

Then if you did all correctly you can start sharing your photos or whatever. Most of the time I need to restart 2 or 3 times because I forget the email or the url or make a mistake.

How many caracteres do you have to type ? If this is hard for me I can imagine how difficult it is for most of people. If you have an app, you just have to click on it and use it.

@kris Well, if there is an API then making an app shouldn't be much difficult. In fact there are already apps for Mastodon already, so... I'm sure it will be a thing for other services too like Pixelfed or Diaspora, etc.

@robots I regretfully find myself in this camp much of the time.  We think we want to, but we're not willing to sacrifice greater than zero effort for it, so in reality we don't actually want to.

We're like slaves with unlocked shackles, that are just too lazy to remove them.  We're like the elephant and the rope, trapped in a mental prison.
Now that I think about it, the thinking we want to and complaining, is a kind of slacktivism.

I sometimes use Minds, but fell out of doing so regularly.  Feels weak and lazy, man.
@aven @robots

>someone uploads copyrighted content
>server gets dmca'd
>server owner "takes down" said content
Unless you're a eurocuck, this is how it works.

Peertube has some very powerful technical advantages over youtube. The reason youtube consistently loses money is because bandwidth is expensive. Peertube solves this problem. The reason youtube has to implement some asinine copyright bot system is because it is too big to have human moderation. The reason the algorithm predatorially seeks to addict you to an endless stream of meaningless bs is because there is money involved. Peertube solves this problem.

Once we get good integration with desktop torrent clients, it's going to be a better user experience too, with the peace of mind that even if the video gets "taken down," it will still be shareable through a simple magnet link.
Come on, don't look so negative. You are alone again the robot YouTube -- of course that majority of people will not get the point.

Yet we do have people like you who are teaching others about decentralization and freedom, so we support that.

I have discovered now PeerTube, so is it software that can be installed and be decentralized?

@louis Yes, although it is still in development (Stage 1 has already been funded). Basically you can make your own instance, host videos there, and the videos will be streamed to the users using BitTorrent and other P2P protocols (the project's page will explain it better than me). Users can interact with each other and write comments and all that. Every instance is federated through ActivityPub.

Oh yes, very nice. It is basically distributed, so it is better in that sense then MediaGoblin

Somehow I wish that developers of GNU Social, Mastodon, Media Goblin and PeerTube could make software that encompasses all that, decentralized and peer to peer chat, pictures, videos, documents, games, etc.
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