The corporate life:
> Use windows
> Code in VS
> Use Comic Sans as the font for VS
> Light theme
> Coding Electron apps
> 1.5 GB node_modules folder
> Use Edge as the main browser

@lanodan @robots
since Github built Electron... and MS bought Github......

@grainloom @robots Nah, they probably won’t or else they would have to port Edge (they did port IE in the past, even to Unix, huge failure)
@turion @robots @grainloom It would basically kill it.
The point of Electron is like Adobe Air/Flash or Java.
Code once, run away.

@lanodan @turion @robots @grainloom IIRC they did a version of node that used Chakra instead of V8 when on Windows. Wouldn’t put it past them to make Electron play best on Windows

@cbowdon @grainloom @robots @turion Yes for playing best on Windows but not destroying it for other people, and maintaining two versions is quite hard so I guess they’d rather patch and upstream V8.
@robots really need to get a new job slowly transforming into this

@robots yeah. I try and make my $dayjob machine as different as possible from my home ones. keeps a nice mental separation

@robots the horror 😱 and the least horrible thing in that list is comic sans
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