Twitter was not bad because "hashtags this" or "trends that". Twitter was bad because:

1. Centralized.
2. They forced you to ID yourself with a phone number.
3. They hand your data to third party companies.
4. Most governments were using it to ID people saying bad things about them.
5. Ads and corporative campaigns.

For everyone boosting and liking my "Twitter was not bad because..." post, please READ THIS ARTICLE:

And boost this message. Because this is important to notice for everyone.

@robots Especially number 5 for me. The fucking promoted tweets and ads that pretend to be tweets and the unordered mess that is the twitter timeline killed twitter for me.
@faris @robots for me it was mainly the celeb culture... It seems most people use twitter to follow 'famous' people, these people post and followers reply without ever being acknowledged, leading to no real interactions. it's very different on here.
@lain @robots This is so true as well. All those companies with social media experts posting pretending to be real people. And people using fucking twitter for customer support or as a frontend for their customer ticketing service.

No fucking thank you, I'm done with that shithole.

@d9867eb Because it's a way to show people what is going on in the fediverse at a given time, and promotes socializing and user interaction, which is the main goal of any social network after all.

@robots aha ok, I think trends are pretty useless since you can't remote follow them. so the only interactions you see are from people that you or people on your instance already follow.

@robots My biggest gripe with Twitter is the negativity. The social justice warriors hate the right, the right hates them. They all end up being hypocrites anyway. I like it here on Mastodon because conversation seems to be more civil.

@timapple But that's people's issue, not Twitter's. You can see plenty of that here too. The whole Internet has been taken by those.

@robots I understand..I just see a ton more of it there... not all of them have moved here....yet..

@robots All users in one place is also not a very good idea. I know I can see and communicate with everyone from other instances here as well, but with different instances and different themes you do get the chance to shield yourself from things you're not interested in.

If I follow a person from a Linux theme instance, I know what to expect. On Twitter you could follow some developer and suddenly see some serious talk about politics.

@robots 6. Most of twitter user generated content is utter bullshit

@devnull Again, that's not a problem with Twitter itself, but with the users.

@robots Indeed, but shitty/for profit platforms tend to attract more users. More people = higher chance to have shitty content (including advertisment posts "disguised" as "user content")

@devnull @robots also the way the platform is built can encourage a specific culture. example: if twitter hadn't added like/rt/reply counters, then it wouldn't have become a cesspool of "viral content". if twitter hadn't allowed for full-text search, then people wouldn't constantly namesearch for anyone saying stuff about them. if twitter hadn't added quote tweets, people wouldn't be so compelled to publicly dunk on everything


And more than that twitter prioritized engagement meaning controversy. We have enough flame wars without the platforms squirting light fluid on them.

2. Screw those that made this mandatory... smh.

@robots Also really shitty support for third party apps really bugs me. Arrogance that their UI is "the best".

@robots @vantablack actually twitter is bad because it won't deal with abuse at all and it became a toxic performative sensationalist quagmire that focused on trends and moments to the detriment of wholesome conversation

2 is a management decision, 3 and 4 are public information, 1 and 5 are merely side effects of the profit motive

@robots Also total lack of moderation which allowed nazis and bots to run the show.

Twitter is the perfect platform for making a daily Faustian bargain between medium and message, philosophy and the one-liner. It is where we anatomize our self-inflicted agonies to paint exquisite spectacles of fetishes instead of sounding out some presumed truth.

A tweet begins with an opinion and ends in chains to a point of view. Twitter is a prison of opinions serving life sentences.

A type of Bastard prose; a reaction shrink wrapped to 140 (now 280) characters; grunts, yelps of irritable sighs of cynicism, Twitter is the privilege of the Narcissistic class.

@robots Manipulating hashtag trends is also an aspect of it though.

@robots 6. Seemingly unlimited tolerance for harassers and Nazis.

How the heck didn't you include Russian trolls and nazis in that one? It was my #1 reason to leave.

@robots @lnxw48a1 Holy crap guys, sorry. #Twidere kept saying the dent was unsent.
Recently there is development with Google and Twitter to forbid genuine users if they forget their phone number, or loose it.

And they ask for email verifications.

That may seem genuine at first, but is not.

Human is owning the account, and not the email address. Imagine when you loose domain, or email address, does that mean other individual have suddenly access to your account? Yes, exactly that. By that act of not allowing user to enter username and password and to login, but requiring them to confirm account by using either phone or email address, they are handling the email address as "owner" of account and not the individual with genuine password.

That would not be so bad, if they would have a human to handle such issue.

But they don't have humans to handle issues.
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