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Hi! I am a programmer/webdev, computer technician and electronic technician. I code in many languages and do all short of stuff. You can visit my git for examples on what I do.

I like posting cute anime girls and watching anime/ reading mango, and blobowos :blobowo: . I don't mind lewd 2D stuff but I'm not interested in irl stuff.

You can see a list of my profiles in my Mastodon profile. Accounts that do not meet an specific criteria will be disallowed to follow me for security reasons.

Freedom of speech, but only for what I want you to have freedom of speech.

I'm strongly considering switching to pleroma for one single reason: I'm sick of the "blocklists".

I already ranted about this before: they are a way of centralization in its own, and they do nothing good to the fediverse.

Now that Gargron decided to have his own, I think it's time to consider moving away from Mastodon.

Pleroma is like the new Doom. Its all about how many places you can host an instance with it...

I bet you could host pleroma on a modded PS2

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We are a cute and loving international community οΌ―(≧▽≦)οΌ― !