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Hi! I am a programmer/webdev, computer technician and electronic technician. I code in many languages and do all short of stuff. You can visit my git for examples on what I do.

I like posting cute anime girls and watching anime/ reading mango, and blobowos :blobowo: . I don't mind lewd 2D stuff but I'm not interested in irl stuff.

You can see a list of my profiles in my Mastodon profile. Accounts that do not meet an specific criteria will be disallowed to follow me for security reasons.

> Getting in some hot water
> Make a Mallow mess...
> Pounding the ingredients...

This game is definitely lewd.

Are you sure you want me to do that? :blobeyes:

Why is there a white thing sticking out of this Pokemon's butt?
This game is definitely trying to be lewd...

For years, Mattel marketed a Barbie typewriter. When they switched from mechanical to electronic typewriters, they chose to license from a Slovenian manufacturer, Mehano, who readily supplied their E-115 (and later 116-118) model.

But these typewriters had a secret: hold SHIFT and LOCK, and press one of the first four keys on the first row, and the typewriter switches into substitution-cipher mode, encoding whatever you type:


@karolat @robots

CSS is actually quite nice once you understand how the box model works.

Magic of CSS is a good guide for that. I recommend you read from the start, as it's actually quite short.


And for the "I want my site to be displayed in a terminal", there is Lynx and there are guidelines on how to make your site semantic. Again, if people decides to force their users to use JS and stuff, it's THEIR fault. Stop blaming the technology for the misuse of said technology. People can be jackass, we know.

For all these "CSS is bad" people, I'd like to remind to them on how good websites were when there was no standards and every browser did whatever the f*ck they wanted to do with their tags and displays.

So good web developers had to make two different sites for IE and NS, and force the user to have the knowledge of which site should they enter.

Yeah, no...

Just because some people don't know how to properly use CSS that doesn't mean its bad. Stop calling everything bad, please.

I can probably make my own effect bot too :blobcat: