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Ugh... I just noticed reactos is not even 64-bit yet... and there are a whole lot of things it doesn't support yet.

I'm considering the idea of using React OS instead of Windows, but I don't know if it will support Photoshop and visual studio too... 🤔

I saw druaga1 trying it and he didn't seem to have a very good time with it.

I made another little piece of software that might help someone when coding in C. A memory manager, and a stack manager :blobreach:


I might add more utils from time to time.

‘Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach’


(From the video:) “we’d only need to touch a couple hundred thousand people to expand into their entire social network, which would scale to most of America”

For more links on the subject, and more context, see our radar at forum.ind.ie/t/revealed-50-mil

i want this relationship with my pc

イラストレーターさん ねく
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I am also wet... Show more

Morning Catgirl Best Catgirl OwO

Fair warning: this source contains a bonus lewd ;3

Source: twitter.com/teraaru6262/status

Maybe I should make a conversational chatbot for Mastodon?

God I wish that was me! The guy next to Satanichia :blobreach: