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Global politics. Internet Archive. Terrorism. 

Time to start preparing for installing Manjaro as double boot with my current install. Does anyone have must-do advice perhaps? I'll be searching around for sure as well.

Spent the past week or two running it in a VM to get to know it a tiny bit and seeing if I could get every program I use daily installed or find suitable alternatives, and it's been going well.

Next week I'll do an experiment with only using Manjaro for a week and not booting into Windows at all, curious to see how it'll go.

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@Gargron Today, I launched a new Mastodon server( ) and started to prepare for users and a new life from May. Thank you very much for your concern

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The next update of Mast will let you convert images to text, video audio to text, and much more. 🤯

Super excited to release these sort of things that showcase the power of iPhones.

Bear with me whilst I work towards perfecting the Mast experience. 😅

Beautiful. Took a lot of effort to get this working, but it works!

Only need to make it copy the result url to clipboard now and it's perfect.
I'll probably look into capturing video and piping that to the upload script next.

Image capturing is done via Flameshot.

Oh fuck yeah, seems like I fixed the problems I had with flameshot. Progress!

Quick screenshotting and sharing seems like such a bother on Linux. Been trying to find a setup that lets me capture fullscreen, window and self-selected areas as well as uploading them to a custom location (to use with self-hosted filehosts) but no success yet.

Been messing around with Flameshot, and i'd love it to work, but its config and anything else refuses to open. I wish someone would just port ShareX to linux.

After deliberating and testing out with lots of mail clients, i've decided to go with Evolution after all. I liked it the best out of all the ones i've tried.

Thanks to those that sent recommendations!

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mastodon with all its simultaneous feeds is like a command center for doing absolutely nothing useful

The event in honor of wowaka on I mentioned this morning will be going live in a few minutes. Took longer than I mentioned here, sorry for that.

Gonna be holding a wowaka event on later today (maybe 6-7 hours). Tune in if you'd like.

Can't believe this has happened. He was still so young, why do these things happen?

He's contributed so much to the vocaloid scene. Anyone that has ever listened to a few vocaloid songs will probably have heard at least one of his. It's incredible and I can't express how much this plunges me into sadness.

What the fuck, why did I have to wake up to these news. This isn't fucking fair. Fuck.

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@enigmatico exwm to use it as a window manager, and run fortnite in wine
so yes, you can use emacs to play fortnite

Could anyone recommend me good Linux email programs that are available for Arch/Arch-based Distros (Not Thunderbird)?

Evolution has too many things I don't need and seemingly can't deactivate and KMail is weird with HTML emails and images embedded into them, so those two probably not either.

Would like something that looks modern and just does E-Mail, no other feature sets like contacts, calendars etc. Something like Postbox on Windows would be great (doesn't look good with Wine, sadly).

@cdmnky Including a page stating the rules of said instance.

@cdmnky Does Pleroma have any sort of "About" page to read more about an instance or something? I can't find anything.

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