Alright, i'm going to set up the profile redirect to @robflop now.

Those that want to keep following me, please check there (Followers don't carry over because that only works for Mastodon-to-Mastodon moves).

Will post confirmation and new account etc once i'm certain.

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Thinking i'll switch to I've always wanted to use misskey, anyway.

@Ste1lar Where are you migrating to, if you've decided?

Oh damn I just found out niu is going down soon.

RIP niu, good times were had.

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please check if you have non-working proxy settings in your config files. We fixed a bug with proxys that can cause federation issues with a misconfigured proxy.

See also:
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Actually excited for the Mabi server merge. Not much longer until it happens (tomorrow)!

Looking forward to starting a new character on the merged Nao server. Thinking about playing a Giant this time, instead of the traditional human choice.

Maybe i'm staking my expectations for this too high, but i'm pretty excited for the cumulative population of the merged servers to be in one place.

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And it's back, with major version 8.0.0 including many new features!

Show thread will be down for maintenance. Hopefully not for too long.

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KNZK members are welcome on

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I genuinely do not know who this "USERNAME" person is, or why their data got corrupted, but here we are

@_p_ Huh. Welp, need to look up specifics on that then. Thanks.

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !