@SkyfaR@social.anoxinon.de Es scheint es hat die Halcyon Instant zerschossen. In mehreren Browsern getestet, welche ohne und mit vorherigem Cache -- gleiches Ergebnis überall.

Oh god I did it. Objectively, this was easy as hell to do. But adding the fact that I never mess with electronics and as such was nervous as hell, it was anything but easy.

What have I learned from this? I'm never doing the joycon button or shell replacement.

... but god does this look nice.

Beautiful. Took a lot of effort to get this working, but it works!

Only need to make it copy the result url to clipboard now and it's perfect.
I'll probably look into capturing video and piping that to the upload script next.

Image capturing is done via Flameshot.

I put new stuff on megumin.love recently.

Now with flavors of other characters because I got bored so I killed some time by coding and procuring assets.

To activate, check the sidebar (megumin image) and scroll down to the the bottom of the background selection (you can scroll, even if there's no scrollbar) and check the last 3 entries.

Enjoy. (The megumin one is standard, just provided for completeness sake)

Path of Exile's decently fun. Started playing coincidentally exactly when the new content hit, so I sat in this queue for a bit, lol.

tfw I pull up two manga and think I pulled up the same one twice for a minute

(high-quality comparison by yours truly, do not steal)

@Sir_Boops I like how I just found this email in my spam folder. I was amazed when reading this without context.

Yay i've done it!... now time to wait for new events or the Iceborne expansion.

A friend of mine suddenly hit me with these two seasonal background edits for my website. Just admire the beauty of these, they're absolutely lovely.

Immediately put in the work to make it possible to display multiple different versions of the same seasonal holiday on the website.


I love looking back at this picture of me playing FFXIV with a friend on another server where I had to make an alt. My character (on the left) just looks so done with the world.

Finally finished the cool thing I was working on for my website that I mentioned here last time. Check it out here (preferably on Desktop): robflop.me

This took so much effort but was so worth it. Beautiful.

@FloatingGhost Getting SPB to crosspost here is one of the best things to happen today, you have my thanks

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