@Sir_Boops I like how I just found this email in my spam folder. I was amazed when reading this without context.

Yay i've done it!... now time to wait for new events or the Iceborne expansion.

Seems it didn't upload the halloween one. Here it is.

A friend of mine suddenly hit me with these two seasonal background edits for my website. Just admire the beauty of these, they're absolutely lovely.

Immediately put in the work to make it possible to display multiple different versions of the same seasonal holiday on the website.


I love looking back at this picture of me playing FFXIV with a friend on another server where I had to make an alt. My character (on the left) just looks so done with the world.

Finally finished the cool thing I was working on for my website that I mentioned here last time. Check it out here (preferably on Desktop): robflop.me

This took so much effort but was so worth it. Beautiful.

@FloatingGhost Getting SPB to crosspost here is one of the best things to happen today, you have my thanks

Looks great in combination with NightEye and a little custom Stylus script that fixes the green background that happens as a result of setting NightEye to turn this page to darkmode.

This is an accurate representation of my desires

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