I want to get a laptop for Uni.

I've been looking at the Dell Inspiron 13 7380 or 7386 (Convertible version) and it seems like a good choice to me, but reviews i've read haven't been the best. It has everything I'd want it to have (256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, 13.3 Inches in size and an i5), but i'm really not sure.

The XPS 13 in comparison looks even better, would love to get it, but it's a lot more expensive than the Inspiron 13 (few hundred+).

Does anyone have recommendations? No Apple, please.

@robflop if I was to get a laptop I'd probably go with the Ryzen based thinkpads

E585 I think

@_p_ Thanks for the suggestion! From what I can see on Lenovo's website, they only offer them in 15,6" variants, which would be much too clunky for me. Am I overlooking options or do they only offer them in that size?

@robflop you'd be glad for it if you actually put it to use
I have an XPS13 and it gets hot

@_p_ The problem is size. I can't fit a 15,6" laptop where I need to bring it, so no way around that.

If you don't mind, could you tell me about your experience with the XPS13, things that stand out positively or negatively?

@robflop the screen is great, but the default resolution is so massive you can't really see anything without enlarging fonts or whatever

the fan can occasionally get some "coil whine"

it's not a work horse, it's a web browsing/word processing machine
maybe low end gaming is ok

@robflop I have an R15 alienware to make up for that tho >_>

@_p_ Gotcha, thanks. I wasn't looking to play games on it, as I intend to bring it to Uni for notes, "office work" and programming, so that's fine.

Will go do more research on that then.

@robflop programming, no compiled languages or it will melt

@_p_ Huh. Welp, need to look up specifics on that then. Thanks.

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