The survey about I've had open for a little under 2 months has now reached 100 replies, which is when I decided i would go and examine the results, so here you go:

1) "Do you see the sound selection as bloated?"
Exactly 65% of respondents believe it is not bloated at all, 22% of respondents believe it is somewhat (but not completely) bloated, the rest of 13% believes it is bloated.

2) "If you believe it is bloated, should any sounds be removed from the site?"
As the question states, the responses to this question are only from those who either believe it is at least somewhat bloated.
Here, exactly 80% believe that no sound should be removed, standing against the other 20% that are of the opinion that some sounds should be removed to reduce bloat.

Based on the results of question 1 and 2 I have concluded a few things:

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The fraction of people that believe the website is at least somewhat bloated is a little over 1/3rd of all respondents, so I should potentially look into where this might be the case. As 4/5ths of respondents do not want any sounds to be removed, I will not be removing any, but will instead be more careful and selective for any future sounds I might add to the website (e.g. from the new upcoming movie).

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3) "Which soundclips to remove"
This question only included responses from those who believe that some sounds should be removed, therefore the answers were very limited (only 7 respondents out of 100). Overall, this leads to the fact that no sounds hit high numbers. In the criteria/reasons for removal, "Its addition feels forced" was the most prominent reason as to why a sound should be removed.

Pretty much the same conclusion can be drawn here: Retain sounds, be more picky about new ones.

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4) "Design comparison"
In this question, no respondents were excluded based on their answer in question 1.
Here, a little over 70% preferred the proposed redesign of the buttons on the website.

This means that I will be implementing the new button design soon.

5) "Other feedback"

Generally, I received a lot of compliments regarding the website (thank you, i appreciate it a lot!), but also questions about where to download assets used.

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The question about asset download lies in the GitHub repository linked in the sidebar. Within this repository, navigate to this path: "src -> resources -> sounds" and you will find the mp3 file of every single sound there is.

Besides that, I have implemented a "Play all" button for each season section on the soundboard as was requested by one of the respondents as well as investigating and hopefully fixing some lag/delay issues that were a topic in a few responses.

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- Keep all sounds, be picky about new ones
- The proposed new button design will be implemented
- Assets (like sounds) can be found in the GitHub repository linked in the sidebar
- A "play all" button for each season section has been implemented, as well as some issues being fixed.

A big thank you to all of the 100 people that participated in the survey! I hope you will like where I am taking the site.

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