So to get this started with some promotion of my own shit:

Y'all should check out the website I made about Megumin from KonoSuba:

It takes inspiration from but expands a lot on the idea, including various features like a soundboard (as there's a plethora of <totally not mostly unnecessary> sounds, statistics for the click counter and soundboard rankings plus more.

@espy Plays a random sound from all the ones available on the website, as well as incrementing the counter you see above.

@espy You're completely free to do that, by the way. I don't care how much people spam the counter -- the worst that could happen is the website crashing, lol. It would automatically reboot itself and all would be back to normal, the worst that could happen is at maximum 15 minutes of lost progress.

@robflop i didnt mean to say it in a bad way... :blobsad:

@espy Oh, was not taken that way at all. I was just encouraging you to have fun on the website as you like. All good! :blobbounce:

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