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So to get this started with some promotion of my own shit:

Y'all should check out the website I made about Megumin from KonoSuba:

It takes inspiration from but expands a lot on the idea, including various features like a soundboard (as there's a plethora of <totally not mostly unnecessary> sounds, statistics for the click counter and soundboard rankings plus more.

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@robflop This is good advice for many things. I have caught myself doing the same with music. I have thousands of tracks I have yet to listen to, but I shouldn't let it remove from the experience of listening to whatever I'm listening to right now. We live in an overstimulating world that constantly seems to have something new for us.

Wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone else in a similar situation. Just sit back, enjoy your game. The others aren't gonna run away. Rather, they're probably gonna get cheaper so it's a win win.

Of course over that time even more new games will come out, so the "new" games will already be "not new" anymore by that time, but just go your way, one game at a time, and take your time to explore it.

I'm going to be completely replaying Yakuza Zero because of this, for one. Alongside others.

I'm happy that i've managed to get out of the "I need to buy all these games that seem cool to me instantly even though I have games that I really like unfinished" cycle for the past few months.

Just been sitting here and actually properly playing the games that I have for that time. I feel a lot more relaxed when playing and generally don't feel as tense about new releases or games in general.

I think I was pressuring myself to finish games quickly as to play new ones before. Very bad thing.

Fuck yeah, Bridge Stuart uploaded again. Go watch his new video, it's great.

Also go watch all of his other videos, especially his "You Are Dead" series. I loved every part of it.

After you've done that, watch all of his other videos. You'll thank me.

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Honestly there is never going to be a meme that's funnier to me than this one

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so many hours wasted, this upsets me

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My favorite feedback I've gotten on mastodon was "I don't really understand a lot of the things you post"

Good music over at right now, requested by yours truly :blobcatrainbow:

This video is amazing. I want to listen to hours of this guy just telling stories.

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Anyone got suggestions for

Always looking for things to implement.

Got my Cube today. Pretty fun so far.

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