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I'd appreciate if y'all reading this could check out this survey about my website ( I am running. Depending on your answers it'll take from 15 seconds to a few minutes.


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So to get this started with some promotion of my own shit:

Y'all should check out the website I made about Megumin from KonoSuba:

It takes inspiration from but expands a lot on the idea, including various features like a soundboard (as there's a plethora of <totally not mostly unnecessary> sounds, statistics for the click counter and soundboard rankings plus more.

Making something cool for my website rn

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I was robbed like that once!

>be me
>thug comes in
>picks up snapple
>I tell him it's 2$
>he hands me 5$
>I tell him that's not 2$
>He tells me to open the register and give him 3$
>do it
>he seems content

I ended up with more money, but still, the audacity!


I've tooted about episodes of this show before, but god it's just so good.
I'm talking about "You are Dead" by Bridge Stuart -- Episode 5 came out just a few hours ago.

The series is basically divided into episodes which each span a few minutes (like ~5 minutes approx.) and each and every one of them is just pure comedy gold.

You should all watch it. Here's Episode 5:

And here's Episode 1 if you want to start watching it (you should!):

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We've just released #Halcyon 2.1.4 with the following changes:
- Improved regular expressions for internal links (less false positives)
- Added support for custom profile fields
- Added support for verified links
- Added settings for custom profile fields
You can download the release from but please make sure not to delete the contents of your /data and /config directories.

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Cut down the page weight of my website on first load (i.e. no cache) from 5,9 MB to 3,5 MB. With cache 5,5 KB. Nice.

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Words that rhyme with "disk" are pretty slim pickings once you get into more than one syllable

Bless their hearts for trying though

So excited for Miku Expo EU in December. They finally opened up the Merch presale today from which I promptly ordered a pair of penlights for the day.


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Barbecue-style potato chips give me life.

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