I'll be taking drawing requests for the next hour or so. If you want a shitty version of your profile pic, @ me

@rnxpyke I wonder if my avatar can be shittier than it is right now.

@rnxpyke @Wolf480pl I wonder about the same. Could it be we are the only canine avatars on this instance?

@rnxpyke oh man it looks so cute, like a puppy or sth...
(It's probably because the neck goes more downwards and gets thinner than that of real wolf/dog)

Thank you!

@wolf480pl Your avatar doesn't look bad at all. It reminds me of the old 1980s green on black screens.

I know it's not bad, what I meant is, it's not too complicated so I can't imagine what a screwed up version could possibly look like.

Even the version @rnxpyke wrote is not worse than it. It's different, has totally different feel to it, but is neither better nor worse.

>It reminds me of the old 1980s green on black screens.

So it works as designed, awesome!
(to think I've never seen an old 1980s green on black screen myself...)

@rnxpyke I knew you'd end up finding someone with a complex avi on your own...

@igeljaeger I wouldn't say I'm proud of it, but it's the best I could do right now

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