Took a while, not being an Android expert, but installed a custom build of Tusky.

There was an elbow in my box of rotini pasta. I'm outraged!

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I never realised Xonotic is actually pretty good and people play it. Quite a lot of cool people on it.

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Today I realized that the Windows 10 calculator is so slow it requires a splash screen.

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It's going to start getting hot this weekend. It's time to install the CAL ISO app!

You can see how much power the grid can generate, and how much we're using in almost real time! Also see emissions, renewables, and wholesale energy cost!

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The less I use Windows, the less qualified I become to fix my dad's PC. He has something on there that fills the hard drive with temp files every few months. I gave up trying to find it, and will just delete them whenever I'm over for holiday dinners.

Have to spend all morning in a meeting with some Turkish company. :blobcatcry:

Hmm, the window receives two resize events.
(-1,-1) -> correct size
(100,30) -> correct size

If I track the new size and use it to ignore the second event all seems well.

Spending my Saturday night trying to fix a bug in Krusader. Every time I open the folder synchronizer, the name column gets a little wider.

This has been annoying me for the past year.

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I missed it last week, but the next Skylines expansion is called Campus. Sounds a lot like Parklife and Industries, but for education.

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This is beginning of the story of buntaro, i wanted to draw this long ago

The Tiger-Tiger minigame is so frustrating, but apparently the only way to get upgrade components for Poppy.

A fuck you to the neighbor that did not pick up after their dog. Dragged the garden hose through it and then across my shins.

Dusted off Xenoblade Chronicles 2, it takes forever to kill things. My damage must be total shit.

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