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Rizele @rizele@niu.moe

Seven travellers collected, only Primrose is left.

Was really hoping this got fixed for 61, but no.

Setup K-9 Mail on my phone for mobile email instead of GMail. I barely used GMail anyway, but still want to avoid becoming dependent on Google where possible.

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nice visualization of some traffic problems I was thinking about some days ago (not my viz), maybe something for @simongerman600

The text in Octopath Traveler is so damn small that I can barely read it.

Lot of fun though, love me a turn based rpg.

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The shit-devopsing potential of this RFC is just enormous ^^


Adventures in Thread Local Storage.

Just don't use it.

I think @Azu is aiming for an account on every instance.

Ate too much, drank too much, and they talked me into an Oreo cake. 🎂

Oh shit, new Hardcore History episode. Dan Carlin only manages to produce 2-3 per year.

I have been trying to clean up a disorganized media collection today, and realized it is a lot like a legacy code base. Fixing everything at once is overwhelming. Better if I improve it incrementally each time I add or play something.

Boxes, drawers, shelves full of useless receipts and paperwork. Everything but the one I'm actually looking for.

Virtual Box seems to handle it fine. Got Lubuntu 18.04 running in there and everything is nice and snappy.

Well Gnome Boxes is crap. Not only is it slow but completely fails with Ubuntu as the guest. It just says 'failed' as the reason. Not helpful.

That's strange, Debian installed in one of those boxes is incredibly slow. Upwards of 5 minutes just to boot, and several second lag clicking anything on the desktop.

Gnome Boxes looks like a pretty simple way to run virtual machines. Time to try it out.

I ran through the remaining wings of the Antorus raid in WoW, but can't say that I enjoyed any of it. Matchmaking content is just not for me anymore.

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Make sure your tupperware is POSIX complaint

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