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honors HiDPI everywhere except scrollsbars. Why can't they make it work there?

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My monitor is starting to flicker on the left side. I will take this as a sign to upgrade to a 4K screen.

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Ice cream van just drove by...

I had to scrape the ice off my car this morning. Who is buying ice cream in this weather?

He must be desperate.

Amazon: Good news! We just delayed that game you ordered by three weeks.

I don't think you understand the meaning of 'good news'.

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Might get my once-a-year snow tomorrow. :blobaww:

Shitty CBS stream keeps going down.

This looks pretty sweet, may be time to replace my cheap HP wireless keyboard.


There is a version with the numpad (SK650).

I thought the 3DS was finished for new games, but not quite.


Cold and rainy day; I love it. Though my backyard is a bit of a swamp now.

Have to fill out performance review paperwork. :blobsweats:

I'm really only good at coding, horrible at all this other corporate stuff.

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