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I wanted to let you know that I sometimes unfollow people if their content is too much for me to handle, in terms of energy or just emotional investement, and refollow if I can handle it again. I'm often on here when I'm really tired, and I never mean it personally.

I have also unfollowed people before for radical political views and/or drama surrounding them. But all these unfollows aren't related to your character, or my opinion of you, just how I handle content.

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he protecc

he unbrecc

but most importantly

he snecc :drake_like:

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> 2018
> dimension 24526
> zucc is caught being a bad boi
> you're eating your breakfast
>decide to check out some news on your phone and your health stats
>swipe right to have breakfast
>suddenly, a beeping sound comes out of your stomach
>you're feeling really unwell
>vomit out your food
> a million eyeball-like sensors peek out of the vomit
> they project something on the wall
> "We've updated our privacy policy... please swallow again to continue"

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:doughcute: we are able to learn more by approaching things playfully. forceful studying/work impairs focus and memory, it's also associated directly with anxiety and fear. playful learning helps with self-love and acceptance, too ❤️ be nice to yourselves and each other!~✨✨

it's so nice to work completely on your own projects at work

Lol now they moved to the kitchen but didn't close the door behind them, so... I'm just going to close the door myself XD

I wonder if I should bring it up with the boss that it's impossible to concentrate since we moved to an open plan office and everyone keeps talking..

It's a massive difference from then and now

Bee and Puppycat is such a cute show. The newest episodes especially remind me of Adventure Time a lot.

Anything cute I could watch during lunch at work? Something where each episode is like 10min long~~~ thank u!!

And the headphones I have at work aren't cancelling any noise at all

I hate open plan offices so much, I'm going to go crazy one day

Everyone keeps talking, so much noise

I should stop posting justwhatever I think about on fedi

tfw there's never gonna be another show like Halt and Catch Fire

I ended up taking today off instead of Friday because I'm so exhausted and didn't sleep well at night and don't want to risk a seizure. I still feel guilty though.

Unfortunately it means I won't be able to do my projects this week, as I had planned to on a day off.

I'm so glad I have a sister. Family is so precious

no fedi instance I know of can handle the amount of absolute blackpill I'd reveal knowing

I was taking a walk with my friend in the evening a year ago and saw a startled Japanese businessman going back and forth the street. So we decided to ask him if he's okay, and he told us he's just visiting Tallinn for the first time in 10 years and a lot has changed. He decided to join us for the walk, and we ended up sitting on a park bench for several hours, then my bf called, joined us, and the Japanese man ran to his hotel (it was nearby) to bring sake and sake cups. It was like an anime.

Unfortunately, I succumbed to the devil and made a LinkedIn account a while ago. Let's see if it's going to bring anything positive into my life.

And I thought it'd disappear with full financial independence, but no, it's still the same. I have a lot of patience for my parents, but I always feel awful after these encounters.

Btw, I mentioned financial independence because I thought my parents don't treat me as a sentient adult because of that. Instead, my mom constantly interrupts me and apologizes for me in front of other family members or strangers, mid-conversation. I've told her multiple times that if people initiate conversation with me, and I'm conversing with them, it means they want to talk to me. She can't believe I'm my own person. She believes I'm her property.

Of course I understand my parents as well. But they've known me for so long. Can't they see I'm happy? Why can't they be happy for me? Instead, it's the constant depressiveness, pity and fear. How is it supposed to make me feel? It only alienates me.

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