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I wanted to let you know that I sometimes unfollow people if their content is too much for me to handle, in terms of energy or just emotional investement, and refollow if I can handle it again. I'm often on here when I'm really tired, and I never mean it personally.

I have also unfollowed people before for radical political views and/or drama surrounding them. But all these unfollows aren't related to your character, or my opinion of you, just how I handle content.

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> 2018
> dimension 24526
> zucc is caught being a bad boi
> you're eating your breakfast
>decide to check out some news on your phone and your health stats
>swipe right to have breakfast
>suddenly, a beeping sound comes out of your stomach
>you're feeling really unwell
>vomit out your food
> a million eyeball-like sensors peek out of the vomit
> they project something on the wall
> "We've updated our privacy policy... please swallow again to continue"

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:doughcute: we are able to learn more by approaching things playfully. forceful studying/work impairs focus and memory, it's also associated directly with anxiety and fear. playful learning helps with self-love and acceptance, too ❤️ be nice to yourselves and each other!~✨✨

Managed to almost finish off 400g of steak today around 6pm, I'll be full until noon tomorrow lol

I hope someone buys my shoes tho, super high quality but UK size 3

very few adult women here have such small feet :( I've had luck selling clothes but never shoes

I'm keeping a few dresses for reference in terms of the cut & style, but will sell them off after I've ordered a few tailored dresses like that.

spring cleaning my whole apartment. starting out with my closet and drawers. I've been hoarding clothes I've worn since I was 14. many of them don't fit properly. time to get rid of them all and invest in a minimalist tailored wardrobe over time.

managed to pack three large bags that I'm going to donate, and two bags of clothes that are going for sale (new stuff that doesn't fit well).

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Wish I weren't allergic to corgis :( they're my fav..

Two effective chronic aura migraine treatments if daily triptans don’t work or produce too manu sode effects, that my doctor recommended:

Antibody injection once per month (500€)

Cefaly neurostimulation device, also safe for epleptics
400€ for the device, ~80€-100€ for monthly electrodes when using daily

Both have the same effectivenes
I have the cefaly device and can say that for the first time ever, I am not in constant pain and can look at light without pain

I take issue with the position that antifeminism means you're a meek woman ready for any man to walk all over you.

Femininity is archetypally creative and carefree energy, in a healthy and mature woman it manifests itself as knowing one's boundaries, looking after oneself mentally and physically, looking after one's soul and soothing and nurturing for loved ones. Being that bright light in darkness as a balance for a rugged, exhausted archetypal man.

This is what a lot of the "red pill" larpers don't get. A traditional household that they so admire has always stood for women and men of a STRONG character. And by strong I don't mean doing construction work or swearing, but by having healthy self-esteem, ability to look after oneself emotionally and physically etc. This includes strong social boundaries. Without them, your household is in pure chaos, emotions in turmoil and so on.

Femininity doesn't stand for unconditional politeness and nurturing. It must be earned through respectful behavior. If you're a man who sends unsolicited sexual messages to a woman online and call her a deranged feminist after she blocks you and states her boundaries, thinking she should just be polite and endure whatever trash you throw at her, more so as a stranger, is incredibly damaged behavior.

A healthy woman has strong boundaries for her self-protection and the protection of her family.

Can't sleep again

But at least now I know it's also a part of migraine aura

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