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> 2018
> dimension 24526
> zucc is caught being a bad boi
> you're eating your breakfast
>decide to check out some news on your phone and your health stats
>swipe right to have breakfast
>suddenly, a beeping sound comes out of your stomach
>you're feeling really unwell
>vomit out your food
> a million eyeball-like sensors peek out of the vomit
> they project something on the wall
> "We've updated our privacy policy... please swallow again to continue"

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:doughcute: we are able to learn more by approaching things playfully. forceful studying/work impairs focus and memory, it's also associated directly with anxiety and fear. playful learning helps with self-love and acceptance, too ❤️ be nice to yourselves and each other!~✨✨

Really need to figur eoutvthe cheapest and quickest way possible to have my own xmpp and seafile setup.

Pleromon will be on the orangepi board but it won't last long.

man i sometimes dream of being in school with all the fedi girls and we'd trade pokemon cards and watch sailor moon in the evenings or something

I haven't seen the 2nd episode of this season yet but it's been always clear where Doctor Who stands politically (it's always been a left-leaning show), however, the new Doctor is just like the Doctor has always been, no unnecessary or politicized focus on her gender change, which is certainly great. My only issue is that the companions seem a bit uninteresting and the first episode had too much going on. But I enjoyed it still.

I think they still go on dates actually which is super cute

My dad was a bit of a sci-fi nerd and used to go on horror or sci fi movie dates with mom.

He also introduced me to Alien, and my mom played with trains and constructor sets together with me. We also used to go on trips together and I remember how we'd sleep in a tight space and dad would tell us funny stories and tease mom with silly pranks for like an hour before falling asleep.

Such wonderful moments

Something like CCC but more underground and in depth for super nerds. You know what I mean

What kind of super nerdy and exclusive hardware hacking or embedded or IoT or general dev conferences are there?

I'd like to attend one for networking and informational purposes

It's be really cool to get paid for writing free software and fs tutorials and stuff

Without a debugger you're just walking in the dark not knowing what's actually happening

Imagine shrinking yourself and walking through the code to see what's happening.
I'm not high, I just like using GDB.

I hypothesize a lot yeah and generally live in the clouds. But I want the things I own and use to be 100% efficient, practical and long-lasting. I hate the feeling of useless items. Not a lot of tech either.
Plushies go under self care tho ;)

I enjoy developing it but I don't want to use any of it myself if that makes sense. :')

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