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I wanted to let you know that I sometimes unfollow people if their content is too much for me to handle, in terms of energy or just emotional investement, and refollow if I can handle it again. I'm often on here when I'm really tired, and I never mean it personally.

I have also unfollowed people before for radical political views and/or drama surrounding them. But all these unfollows aren't related to your character, or my opinion of you, just how I handle content.

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he protecc

he unbrecc

but most importantly

he snecc :drake_like:

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> 2018
> dimension 24526
> zucc is caught being a bad boi
> you're eating your breakfast
>decide to check out some news on your phone and your health stats
>swipe right to have breakfast
>suddenly, a beeping sound comes out of your stomach
>you're feeling really unwell
>vomit out your food
> a million eyeball-like sensors peek out of the vomit
> they project something on the wall
> "We've updated our privacy policy... please swallow again to continue"

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:doughcute: we are able to learn more by approaching things playfully. forceful studying/work impairs focus and memory, it's also associated directly with anxiety and fear. playful learning helps with self-love and acceptance, too ❤️ be nice to yourselves and each other!~✨✨


At least two new files weren't lost, old files had to be rewritten. I'm sure I missed something though

Ooof lost a day's worth of code because I was on the master branch by mistake, so I tried to go back to my other branch normally and had to rewrite as much as I could remember oof

I've always been on the right branch, dunno how I forgot to switch again XD

Got a raise! Don't know how much yet, but the CEO said it'll be more than 20%.

I wonder if I can use altium through wine successfully

Ooooooof cracking hands, need a super good hand cream asap aaaaaa

Also you can't just leave a country whenever you want when you're disabled for example. It always amazes me how people just assume that if something is shit where you live, just leave. That will solve your problems. It's actually not an option for a lot of people, and even then, risks and expenses outweigh the benefits. So most people never return back as well, it's a known problem in poorer countries. Saddening and makes you feel powerless in terms of the future of diff. communities.

so I guess the most nonthreatening thing you can say on fedi is that migration is always good? you can't criticize it because it's instantly tied into some internet nazism?

I don't like hearing about edge cases in response to this. We all know edge cases of terrible autocratic governments, inability to learn a living on your own land etc. This can not be compared to everyone wanting to leave for Germany, USA or England to have a "better" job, just because. Do not conflate the two

me: it's sad that ppl are leaving my homecountry en masse and it's getting worse, whilst i still have hope maybe things will change, and I would't want to leave forever because i want to help faciliate those changes. brain drain is a sad thing as well

*loses a bunch of followers*

I guess this was my most controversial post then

getting myself three keto friendly slices of cake, I'm going to eat one of them after taking a bath today. should be super relaxing

I guess I could integrate the UNIX-like console into it as well

It'll be a true 90s-style awful OS...

oof the next super difficult thing at work is desgning a GUI in addition to everything behind it

I'm sort-of feeling like it's way over my head at this point, even though I solved other issues

I guess my first step would be to make the interrupts/ISR work properly

I hate it when strangers ring my apartment bell oof

No social energy today

anyway that wasn't a political post, just my personal opinion/decision on how I personally want to live my life, so chill.

back to being comfe

Treating a whole country as an opportunity for better cash trashes the culture and everything within it. That's the unfortunate reality with England and Germany now.

I would also leave for a university, but return afterward. I don't think it would make much sense to do otherwise.

It's easier to establish yourself in a smaller country and more rewarding once you're one of the "few" people who are brining beneficial changes and something new and useful to the country, rather than leaving and never coming back. Maybe it's too much of a "conservative" viewpoint from me, but whatever.

I don't think relocation/immigration is always the best option, especially if you're able to do something useful in your own country. I would rather live temporarily somewhere else to work in a place where I could learn something very useful about running my own similar business for example, then return to my country and establish a business here, than try to rebuild my life overseas. If everyone is leaving "worse" countries, what happens to them?

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