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✨ rice ✨ @rice@niu.moe

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I made a meme in Green Is My Pepper.

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he protecc

he unbrecc

but most importantly

he snecc :drake_like:

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> 2018
> dimension 24526
> zucc is caught being a bad boi
> you're eating your breakfast
>decide to check out some news on your phone and your health stats
>swipe right to have breakfast
>suddenly, a beeping sound comes out of your stomach
>you're feeling really unwell
>vomit out your food
> a million eyeball-like sensors peek out of the vomit
> they project something on the wall
> "We've updated our privacy policy... please swallow again to continue"

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i am the rice, the PURE, the UNTAINTED

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:doughcute: we are able to learn more by approaching things playfully. forceful studying/work impairs focus and memory, it's also associated directly with anxiety and fear. playful learning helps with self-love and acceptance, too ❤️ be nice to yourselves and each other!~✨✨

we are protected by The Federation from the virus known as Pleroma

i hope these are mosquito bites and i didn't catch pleroma

mosquitoes really like sucking blood from my butt

before setting up a pleroma instance i need to buy a server for my domain in the first place

oops was that a pol shitpost im sorry


imagine wasting all of your precious life by being a bureaucrat

anyway I don't really do political posts (anymore) cuz im a good girl but I just found it funny thanks.

tfw people are following me because of the "tankies begone" post


tbh working at valve someday would be my dream

i don't care tho, it's just funny that I never thought about it

i stutter way too much and I never thought that I actually have a speech issue

do you want to hear my voice? what do you want me to read?

I want to send the RMS-ESR fanfic to my CEO but maybe I shouldn't

I identify as a cute hacker girl.

time to go home and watch some animu

and I really hate writing makefiles but it'll get better over time I guess

I hate dealing with posix sockets aaa

I'm sorry but kawen and lil are my fav couple on fedi, due to their posts together and stuff, it just makes me happy, thanks guys

no cofe at work

time to make some EXTRA STRONG BLACK TEA 😤