@reymarkus Yeah, I'm a G+ refugee. Really liked it in the early years, but boy did it take a shift. Met really good people there. Most of them went to MeWe. Wanted to suggest a Friendica instance, but couldn't find one I felt comfortable recommending in time. MeWe is pretty nice too though.

@Azazer Never used G+ in my entire life, but yeah, losing a social platform where you get good memories and friends for a long time is such a big hit to its users.

In all honesty it's for the better. The platform was getting less and less love from Google/Alphabet and was slowly becoming a ghost town. It also became so strict that many people I knew were getting banned for silly reasons.

If it weren't for the news of G+ going down I wouldn't have found the Fediverse either, which I've kinda fallen in love with. Feels like he net I grew up with. New and exciting.

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