y'all discord users ought to send an email to them saying you opt out of their arbitration clause in case they ever need sued

if you don't trust me read the eula yourself and decide if not having your right to sue them taken away is worth an email


(or, you know, maybe avoid the service entirely if you're able and willing)


@ky0ko ELI5: What will be the impact to me if I didn't opt out of their arbitration?

And what does this paragraph "This Arbitration section shall survive any termination of your account or the Service" mean? If I don't opt out but deleted my Discord account, will I still be binded in the arbitration provisions?

@reymarkus this means, in short, you are no longer allowed to sue them, but can only resolve disputes via arbitration.

this means you, a discord representative, and some third party arbitrator in a room, talking it out. if you don't like what happens, there's no appeals.

this is a situation that has been shown to favor the big company in basically all cases, even if it is usually easier and faster.

the survival clause in the eula means even if you delete your account, you are still bound by all of it.

@reymarkus disclaimer, i'm not a lawyer, but, i mean, that's what the eula says

@ky0ko Thanks for the summary. Sent them an email to their arbitration opt-out address, and will likely delete my Discord account some time.

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