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New game, so I love how Epic 7 presents their story and how over-the-top their combat animations are. Though the game at face value is grindy as hell.

So, that's what they call the "Sawano drop". Man, he really blends the music to the mood of the scene preety well. Considering he worked on several anime series (known in AoT also), it's granted that the output will be a total banger.

The Making Of: "Light and Shadow", feat. Hiroyuki Sawano (YouTube rehost from BiliBili)

Welcome to <insert limited gacha banner here>, try your luck!

Me, who rolled at 4AM, got these pile of crap.

Guys, remember that professional help exists. Coping up on your own won't help you in the long run, and those people (espscially psychologists who has a better track record) will help you.

Depression advice rant 

Idk why, but Fedilab stopped sending out notifications even if I enabled them in the settings and in the application info.

Or is it just my phone or network acting up.

>2 centaurs, that's like 1 full horse

*Bruh sound effect #2*

Would this be enough to convince everyone to stay the hell out of Facebook?

Facebook scans system libraries from their Android app user’s phone in the background and uploads them to their server

This is called "Global Library Collector" at Facebook, known as "GLC" in app’s code

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Developer when making app from code copied from Stack-Overflow

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