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Well, since I finished watching the whole Ace Combat 6 playthrough, I gotta say that the voice acting was kinda off. The emotions isn't conveyed much in the dialogues, especially how Garuda 2 speaks.

Next up: rewatching Ace Combat 7 playthroughs. Time for some <<SOLITARY>>.

It's kinda weird seeing Ace Combat fans who also play Azur Lane, or the other way around. Idk what gives them to enjoy both, or the correlation betweem the two communities, but hey it works.

Now give us an OFS Kestrel shipgirl :kappa:

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I have deleted my Facebook account last November, but I'll be forced to use Facebook again for development purposes.

I'm beyond doomed.

So, I have to develop something in the office that involves the Facebook Login API. I'm extremely cursed at this point, I know, but I had taken measures to at least protect myself. I made a Lubuntu VM which will act as a sandbox, with Firefox as the main browser with uBlock Origin, NoScript, Cookie Autodelete, and User Agent Randomizer, plus privacy tweaks for FF from

However, I still need to create a burner account to use the API. Where should I start?

...Why am I humming "The Liberation of Gracemeria" over and over again?

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Exclusive: Tencent and Riot Games developing mobile version of League of Legends - sources | Reuters

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AL today post-update according to Redditors: bugs are all over the place.

Looks like either Manjuu or Yostar's internal bug tracker is filled to the brim with issues related to the latest major patch

I feel like I betrayed myself for installing Discord, since our game distributor's launcher and chat client (Garena) does not bother updating their app, might as well find an alternative.

On one hand I suggested Telegram, but one of my chat mates discovered that it's also being used by terrorists. On the other hand, I would suggest Wire, but it lacks features. In the end, I can't find other better alternatives. But I used my games-only email for Discord.

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