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Dear follow bots,

Please respect the tag on our profiles or else you'll be blocked.

Thank you.

And their user name is "free followers" with different name combinations.

Try harder next time.

WOAH WOAH WOAH. I just opened my Mastodon account in my laptop again and I was greeted with 40+ spam follow requests from


How many days is it again since I last :bun_flip: 'd?

Week-long training done, next'll be the real deal

Wow, I've been very busy this week due to my quick re-training from PHP dev to SRE, and by next week I'll probably start my formal work as an SRE.

Life's hard.

From PHP dev trainee, to Site Reliability Engineer trainee.

I just picked up that job because of Linux πŸ˜‚

PSA: Facebook is embedding tracking data on photos that you download on their site.

Looks like my laptop is near its doom. Its DC power pin sunk in my laptop, causing my charger to no lock in place, and at the same time my laptop can't charge :oh_no_bubble:

Is it me, or Aurora and Yalp have problems logging in using the anonymous login function?

Btw, I reached Gold tier in ranked solo queue last night. Brand Support πŸ”₯ :blobdab: πŸ”₯

I swear, Metro Manila traffic jams is one of the worst.

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did u kno that the symbols for the Playstation controller are not arbitrary? according to Teiyu Goto, the designer behind the controller, they each have meaning:

Triangle: Viewpoint
Square: Documents, Menus
Circle: Yes
X: No (this didn't catch on in the west because of the colors of the buttons, which Goto acknowledges)

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