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Dear follow bots,

Please respect the tag on our profiles or else you'll be blocked.

Thank you.

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when you understand what the characters are saying for like 2 seconds without subtitles

NSFW, UP ACLE event Show more

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Philippine internet woes: most of the time mobile data is shit.

Imagine going to another city just to do laundry at 12AM

This post is brought to you by the water shortage gang

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tfw water supply is temporarily interrupted as of this moment

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Ad blockers are no longer an option in today's setting, it is a must have right now for every device that connects to the internet.

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Google+ is shutting down. But we can help save it! I am throwing down the gloves to the instances across the fediverse - can your instance place in the leaderboard above Whichever instance places ahead of niu in the leaderboard : DM me after google+ is shut down, and whichever is the highest wins this contest.

PRIZE:Bragging rights, and a dozen doughnuts (or tim hortons gift card), mailed to whatever country you live in

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !