Seriously fuck wifis with the fucking internal login page

@replikvlt I only have to deal with one of those now, and apparently both my mobile devices have a really neat way of handling it. Also my laptop does not junk the page I give it to redirect. This is amazing, it's so much better than it used to be!

@Zergling_man perhaps but it is shit why wifis can have standardised passeords and then theres wifi without pass but with some crap.
I have installed alpine a very plain distro and i set it up to work with my home wifi that has normal password but this uni wifi. No matter what i do i just cant open the page

@replikvlt Yeah, I had some trouble figuring out how to connect to that one with the laptop, because Alpine wiki doesn't have a guide for unsecured wifi. :D
But once I found the answer to that, the rest was actually not that bad.
I can imagine a uni wifi doing it with some level of fancy fuckery, probably involving three times as much Javascript as needed, to make life hard for non-Windows, Android, iOS people though.

@Zergling_man i think i also somehow fucked up setup-interfaces utility. One time is shows 4 names of my uni wifi inline. Second name of my uni wifi with every other wifi

@Zergling_man don't think i can even connect to home wifi at this point and it fails to parse configs aaaaaaaaaaa
Network was a mistake

@replikvlt Are you sure that's not just your uni wifi having four nodes in range?

@Zergling_man do you know where setup scripts are located perhaps? :D

@replikvlt Sorry, not yet. I've only been running it for a week or so.

@replikvlt Uh, is that meant to say you've found them, or a guide for me to search?

@Zergling_man i found xd, better write it down maybe you will need it idk if wiki has it, at this point it is so incomplete i dont even look at it

@Zergling_man perhaps its fault of my change of hostname, i couldnt login into root because i just assigned it using the hostname utility and not setup-hostname

@replikvlt I think I've actually fucked it in the exact same way you did, but without changing the hostname. Oh no. :D I'll investigate that later.

@Zergling_man i laugh every time when you log in it says that their wiki has like a lot of extensive information but in fact it is almost empty

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