How does one get the motivation to recap and write what they've been working on the whole day? it sounds too tiring and I don't know where to begin

thumb decides to go oopsie woopsie on me

actually migrating to kakoune seems like a rather smooth procedure. I like it so far

kakoune is nice though migrating from nvim will be a pain because I need to rewrite my own plugins instead of doing actual productive work.

gotta ++++++++

@nhaddag openalgeria's mastodon's modified UI doesn't scale properly under 1366x768 (and most likely lower resolutions). one has to set the zoom level to 90% to get the intended view.

regarding the XMPP service, having a public room (MUC) would be nice too. it allows other instances' users to be able to interact with the community without having to forcefully migrate to openalgeria's services.

good luck and thanks for the services!

icu docs are garbage, their implementation is worse

I started a small blog, check it out!

I mostly write about my programming journey but I'll try to shuffle things from time to time

a chip-8 emulator in c99 running on the arduino. hmmm, that's actually interesting

I want to work just like nene-chan

went to the city today, so tiring but it was fun changing the storyline a bit.

ughh, wanted to download some stuff in mega using the web browser over night. Apparently they all finished downloading but my PC died a while after it (I was asleep) and now everything is gone (I think)

I managed to fix my sleeping schedule but I'm too tired, I think I'm gonna nap

Finally got myself a fresh install of antergos, finished setting up my stuff.
super smooth :ayano_minegishi:

30 minutes after deciding to stay awake till 10pm and I'm feeling sleepy already, it's 5:47AM
maybe sleep now then try to "nap" at 1am then wake up at 6am and stay awake all day tomorrow.
good night

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