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redsPL @redsPL

@rye never forgetti

about being well hydrated

@xiaoyongmao welp, i look terrible and i'm still excited for screen sharing. Plus, you can use video chat for showing random things besides your face, like.. idk, your anime figurine collection or something

gnight. another lame day for a lamer like me ahead.

@wiloma i see you're a pro. i'm a lamer at drawing (aand everything else, i basically suck), i couldn't possibly do something such complex.

nice work, m8

@wiloma nice. What was the base texture for the wood?

@oxenfree i really like to wander around old buildings, and these bunkers were practically the first thing i've seen on Hel. Expect some more images of cool old places in the following 13 days! ^^

@eal .xm

a good module file, i really like it! :)

lel, the last pic is ultra-blurry. 2/10

@Technowix Hel, a little city near Gdansk/Gdynia, Poland. Some cool pics coming s00n!

zomfg, soo manh bunkers and abandonned buildings! I love this place <3

gonna post pics later :>


going to sleep, long day tommorow..

@Pasty both sound like poorly executed pikmin clones :D

@Wolf480pl @Wolf480pl in what meaning? xDDD
tbh i think not; i.e, i name my computers(and servers), he uses random names like manufacturer name or model ID

@Wolf480pl He's of the type "look at me, i'm a linux guru, i know iptables and i use ubuntu everywhere!"
the funniest thing is that he uses ubuntu, but likes idea of gentoo.. and doesn't get why do i like debian and arch..

@xiaoyongmao so, either that pillow she lays on is gigantic, or something's really wrong with the img.

tbh should have expected that, he hates the idea of me having a server, even considering that he has 3 of veery power-hungry servers at work. His explanation? "I don't pay for power there, but i pay here."..
All off my thoughts about `how should i minimise power consumption of my server` got away without him noticing that i actually wanted him to pay as little as possible.. eh...