Due to niu closing in a few months, together with @selfisekai we set up a small pleroma instance. Follow us at @reds and @selfisekai

also you can join us if you want but idk how much people the instance can support, so your mileage may vary

normal people in DMs: idk, they talk
me and @selfisekai : measuring level of comicality of a certain post by counting Ds in `xDD` with a regex.

I guess they don't call her `regex expert` for nothing, huh? I've seriously struck gold in this relationship <.<

"The students of one of the prestigious secondary schools in Krakow recently received a survey prepared by a regional Education Office through an electronic journal."

"Instead of filling in the questionnaire, the students of the IT class decided to hack it and fill it in with nonsense answers. They organized a competition, who would write the fastest and most effective application, disarming a survey posted on the Internet"

This could be me.

spent most of this evening cuddling with @selfisekai and i couldn't be happier

thanks for reading my shitpost

Given enough time and suffering, anything is portable.

asie, 2019

Firefox to hide notification popups by default starting next year

A short story about how commercial publishers changed a fine feature into annoyance for their own profits


tired: $ whoami
wired: $ whoami --version | tail -n 1 | awk '{print $3" "$4}'

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