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psst, kid, .... want some P L E R O M A ?

I was wondering if there was a book on systemd that I could read to learn more about it and uh

Weird how I tend to get bored with other characters, only to get back to after some time. Time and time again.

it shouldn't be "Just landed in L.A.", it should be "Just landed in Finland."
He was the best programmer in the network, and a cunning leader, and he was a good friend.

For over a decade GNU Social was the guardian of freedom in the microblogosphere. Before the dark times. Before the Mastodon.

The young pervert named Lain was an admin of heldscalla before he turned to Pleroma. Lambda was seduced by the programming socks. He helped the mastodons destroy OStatus. He betrayed Lambadalambda. Now the pile of PHP is all but extinct.

Dreams are weird. Tech dreams are weirder.

This one had me in my tiny former hometown. 2000 people, almost none of them techies.

I noticed a sign for a new business: "Gnome 3 Insurance" . Of course I checked it out, if only to get in some good KDE trolling.

Turns out, it was a tech support place for Linux noobs. The guy who ran it was nice, and we talked about distros for half the dream.

At the end, I looked over and said, "BTW I use Arch. Nah, just kidding." Then I woke up, still laughing.

from top: ThinkPad 600X (bought as broken, arrived today in working condition), ThinkPad 600 (had this for a while)

quest for today: merge them into a perfect-condition one and "OK" one.
side quest: WiFi in the perfect one as it has a mPCI slot

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