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reading lies on and laughing my ass off

"If you are a browser(...)"
yes, i'm definately a browser, please continue..

This is amazing, we evolved the alphabet from pictograms to highly stylized characters to letters and now we're going full circle by incorporating emojis such as 🐂 that thousands of years earlier became "a" and 🐟 that became "d"

Python is bloat. C is bloat. Assembly is not bloat. :rokalife:

Federated blocklists on a blockchain. Hell, issue an ICO. A cryptocurrency based entirely around the human desire to not talk to each other and put up more walls.

You could build a rich ecosystem out of it, where mining is just perpetually putting more domains on that list to block.

Sometimes, I wish I would be a bot.
Life is much easier when you are a bot.

> buy Nintendo Switch
> don't have any games except for Pokken (actually bought it for 3.0.0 firmware)
> play SNES version of Mario Kart on homebrew emulator
Absolutely worth it.

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