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my school will add me to some countrywide stock market simulation game. the game is simulated but there are real prizes. will writing a bot for that be weird, and is there an API for WIG20 prices somewhere?

Recreating Lord Nikon’s Laptop From Hackers

The outlandish computers from 1995’s Hackers are easily one of the most memorable elements of the iconic cult classic. In the film, each machine is customized to reflect the individual hacker that operates it,…

Original tweet :

Intel Community: "We found security issue, but it's not in our hands to patch it. Software developers should prevent it to happen with their implementations. We'll just tell everyone AMD also has security issue and pretend nothing happen."

Stumbled across this on youtube today, and it's pretty fascinating.

Using the original film was automatically colorized.

It's pretty far from perfect, but it's worlds better than I expected it to be, tbh.

I'm half tempted to try and fiddle with it, but I have too much else to do, honestly.

Genie: You have ONE WISH.

Me: Alright, I have one, but it's very detailed.
Genie: As long as it is only one wish, you're allowed to spend as much time as you want detailing it.

Me: Alright, here we go. *Grabs notebook and takes a deep breath* The key words MUST, MUST NOT, REQUIRED, SHALL, SHALL NOT, SHOULD, SHOULD NOT, RECOMMENDED, MAY, and OPTIONAL are to be interpreted as described in [RFC2119].

Genie: Wait, is that...?

Me: *Flips notebook* Chapter 1. Preamble.

teacher told me to play some movie on the screen projector


— May i come in?
he asks. He’s carrying a bag overflowing with lines of codes.
— Do you really need all that?
i ask him, but before he gets the time to answer i notice three semis parked in the street, all sporting a flashing redhat logo.
— Don’t tell me…
The trucks also appeared to be full of lines of code. They were so heavy that you could see their wake in the narrow cobblestone street. No one would be able to walk down that path again.
They were so wide that they had torn balconies apart. No one would be able to witness the sunrise again.
They were so powerful that that they left a dark smoke cloud behind them, no one will ever enjoy the fresh air again.

But when looking at this ravaged street, the pottering sees a nice clean efficient modern highway.
Let this be a warning of his devastating power, he will destoy all on his path. He will ask you nicely to let him in, but when he comes to your door it’s already too late.

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