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I lent my friend a flash drive with linux distro install and he returned to me after a week with a windows 10 install

I was not prepared for this level of betrayal

New CR2032 backup battery (I had some already) and new dollar store AAs (I'm out of rechargeables) and we're in business.

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Linux systemd is now going to manage user /home directories.

I don't... I mean, I just can't...


Let me try again.

1) You are going to let a piece of software manage something which is freakishly sensitive and can create A LOT OF PROBLEMS down the line.

2) ALL software have bugs. Lots of them. And systemd is, shall we say, a highly complex piece of sotware, that contains a LOT of bugs.

What could possibly go wrong? 🤦‍♂️

@ajroach42 regarding our talk yesterday, just wondering - what's your standing on using cases from old, broken-beyond-repair laptops for new projects?

Bought an MD Walkman, I finally don't need to carry my X60s around to listen to music. Best part? It was like $15, and it's in almost perfect condition! :D

Haruhi Suzumiya - God Knows - this guy rocks!

also I downloaded it as NSF and it turns out that it loops around when played in nestopia.. It's been 40 minutes and I need to sleep <.<

I've been playing around with a public API that provides real-time bus/tram location in my city. Connected it to OpenStreetMap, and while adding a simple bus search feature it just stopped working.

Turns out that for some weird reason the API stopped returning data. Also, it's 4am, I should get some sleep as school starts tommorow.

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