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The most significant complaint I received about IRC from newcomers, and one that can't be solved on the client side, is lack of history.

Funny enough, that's also the most frequent complaint I hear about Slack.

But those are two different types of history. I talked about it a while ago, but can't be bothered to dig it up, so I'll repeat it in a moment.

This, plus the inherent SPOFness of all chat protocols except for IRC, inspired me to come up with a new chat protocol.


I need game recommendations. What to play on GBA SP/GBC/GB? idk what I'm looking for I like RPGs but no pokemon pls

> working on a customers computer
> notice torrent client on desktop
> open it up to find out what kind of dirty illegal things customer has been downloading
> "Ubuntu 18.04 LiveCD Amd64"
> oh god it's worse than I thought
1. Run PleromaSetup.exe
2. Select TRY option
3. Close Pleroma after the installation and disconnect from the internet
4. Copy and replace mastolib.dll from CRACK folder to C:\Program Files\Pleroma Inc\Pleroma
5. Start Pleroma and enjoy

Bought this X220 for like $40 shipped, the seller said it wasn't working. I disassembled it, put it back in a minimal config and heck, it works, and the only thing that has malfunctioned is the power button.

It has 8GB of DDR3 and an IPS display. Steal!

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