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i love how nobody cares about my non-tech and non-anime posts.

signing off for today, good night.

By listening to too much Oldfield and messing with servers (with no success in what I wanted to acomplish btw) I somehow put myself in a mood that I could use to code for the rest of the night.

Sucks that it's Monday, not Friday...

The screwdrivers and allen wrenches have been reproducing when we're not paying attention.

I’ve been frustrated at how difficult it is to log stuff for debugging when your only video card is currently in use, so I grabbed a null modem cable, connected my *other* 286, a Toshiba T3100e with a very dead hard drive but a working boot floppy, and wrote a dumb serial port byte-banging routine

I've just mashed together TVout and EtherCard libraries and this came out. See you in seven hours when I get some sleep xD

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