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my inet radio is doing g r e a t

(first is youtube stats from last ~2 days, second is ffserver stats since server start last week - 11GB served is there only because streaming to youtube, half of served connections are probably just me)

@redsPL YouTube Rewind but everytime they talk about Karl Stefansson it gets liked.
Pleroma is currently the easiest option if you want to host a small fedi server. For this reason, it's used by many people who don't have the money to rent a 40 dollar a month dedi. If you say 'ban all pleroma instances', you are really taking away the ability of these users to run a fedi server under their own control and push them back to the big silo servers.
This is the ideal of information broadcasting. You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.

why the crap did I get a tutorial after coming to niu today? <.<

I was going to change something on a rpi microSD card. Got the card out of the pi, noticed that I lost the microSD to SD adapter. found the adapter after a while, now I can't find the card.


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