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@Miaourt Ouch. That's sad to hear, but absolutely understandable. Welp, all good things must come to an unfortunate end, and this is one of them. Thanks for creating this awesome community that helped a lot of us (myself included) to get into the fedi and gain some new friends. Stay awesome!

(as a plus, I'll finally move to a pleroma instance, probably self-hosted...)

"The students of one of the prestigious secondary schools in Krakow recently received a survey prepared by a regional Education Office through an electronic journal."

"Instead of filling in the questionnaire, the students of the IT class decided to hack it and fill it in with nonsense answers. They organized a competition, who would write the fastest and most effective application, disarming a survey posted on the Internet"

This could be me.

@nihl @Wolf480pl layer height might be something that you'd want to play with. Defaults are usually fine, but it varies on a printer to printer basis.

@Wolf480pl @nihl Consider increasing the extruder heat a bit (+1, maybe 2°C at first, I think +5°C should do the trick). If your prints don't stick, try cleaning the table with IPA and/or use some kind of residue for 3D printing - I think dimafix was something I've used in the past. Other than that, you can try to decrease the print speed until you get better results.

Feel free to correct me/ask/idk, I have some 3D printing experience.

(also check if your table is perfectly level)

spent most of this evening cuddling with @selfisekai and i couldn't be happier

thanks for reading my shitpost

@tuxcrafting Too good for this world. Let's die in endless compat modes.

@lain Hi pretty famous! Do you have any idea what this `Followers` thing does? Because it's been going up as of late, and i'm getting kinda worried, thought someone like you might know a bit more

anyways enjoy your stay!!!!

@tuxcrafting Do you own the libs if they're all licensed under GPL3?

This terrible joke was sponsored by the /usr/lib/ directory

@dwaltiz I see no other option :x Devuan isn't as user-friendly, and rest of non-systemd distros have a small marketshare, thus bad support.

@dwaltiz I mean, there are ISO versions with gnome, xfce, lxqt and cinnamon and they work quite OK

@selfisekai jebus christ

links like those give me nightmares.. I'm looking at you, MS KB888888

@roka (don't get me wrong, I'm all for retro operating systems

just not for Millenium)

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