>plug in unifi stuff
>oh no, my wifi and Ethernet are down until at least the switch is adopted

>pull out phone
>connect to LTE
>ipsec to cluster in Finland
>cluster in Finland has site-to-site ipsec tunnel to my home

>tfw configuring unifi equipment with phone, via lte, via ipsec, via ipsec (again), via unifi controller

@FloatingGhost random recommendation: if you ping to check the connection, you can just do `ping 1.1`, ping automagically fills missing parts inside with zeroes.

@Wolf480pl yeaah, I'll take your word for it. I actually haven't done something as described above for quite some time, so...

@Wolf480pl I used hexchat a lot back in the day. I only switched like.. 3 years ago? It wasn't a problem for me either, but I remember getting banned from -pl on freenode for frequent disconnects (thanks plusgsm)

(also now that I talk about it, it turns out that I'm on IRC since 2013, and that was 6 years ago. Weird.)

@Wolf480pl Spoiler: it isn't fun. Frequent disconnects, lack of conversation context and need to connect every time you join, even for five minutes are the main reasons why I use weechat on a screen

tfw the fediverse is the only place where you can participate in anime discussions blended with free software memes and references to very specific things that 90% of people outside the tech community won't ever get.

All of this using pleroms and masts. What a time (and place!) to be alive

> be me
> buy a free software printer blessed by RMS
> try to print something with the word "Linux" in it
> RMS hologram appears
> "I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it..."

@proxeus I like to think that loli doujinshi lowers the amount of actual rapes, but that might be actually fully unrelated

@karen also if it's called pleroma why are those `posts`, not `pleroms`?

@proxeus by the logic of those who write censorship laws, all pedos are like "O no, as they just released this new law I just can't continue what I was doing! ;_;"

@karen because a mastodon can toot, but it can't mast

@djsumdog @ayy Space Quest <3

I need to play all those Sierra adventure games one day.

@Geosword it's actually designed in a way that makes you follow a ton of people (upwards of 100), and then it would be pretty unpractical, so no.


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@proxeus @nepfag mother of god..

this is next-level tier shit. You don't sort through countless pages of shit just to get a few good images, you download them all, then post a few good..

I salute to you, and your interwebs connection

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