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@Wolf480pl @quad @lanodan tbh it's usually just losing capacity. Internal resistance highers a bit, but it's not much more than a few Ohms of change AFAIK

@Wolf480pl @quad @lanodan All battery types can swell and/or leak. Swelling is most common with LiPo/LiIon batteries tho, thus most people think that NiMH and other types (such as lead acid) just stay undamaged forever, which is far from true

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I used a time machine to get a picture of @Ocean22 from the future

@lanodan Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check them out once I get home :3

@lanodan on evince's note, do you know any better document viewer? xpdf is quite buggy and wasn't updated for a few years, and i don't know any other one.

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@hfaust Haven't seen this much bullshit since seeing the reasons why every distro switched to systemd xD

I love how GNOME just tried to change open-source and free software reality because they didn't want to code things.

@quad Pentium 3 is the bottomline then. I can't see any server running on anything lower today.

If we would be talking 2010, then even Pentium MMX 233 would be a possibility, but probably not today.

@quad are we limited to the same CPU, or can we update everything but retain the same OS?

IMO a server running on Debian since mid-90s is probable. I can see looking at syslog and seeing logs from 1996 ^^

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I wonder what's the oldest currently running Linux machine that's actually been updated all along.

I don't mean stuff like those old windows 3.1 boxes running in closets. But something with Linux that nobody ever forgot about.

What if there's a machine somewhere that was originally set up with something like Red Hat 5 back in the 90s, then gradually had its hardware replaced to support new software upgrades. Then today it's at the most recent version of Red Hat without ever skipping a version

@pea if you are tired of curl, remember about wget.

(i'm sorry, i had to XD)

@Wolf480pl @mulander I hope that we're not doing md5/sha1 anymore :^)

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blue Mycena mushroom(別名pixie's parasol)

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