@dwaltiz I don't care about the trends. I care about my bootleg copy of We Can't Dance by Genesis.

_i'll go to bed early today.._
3 hours later: oh well, my deck doesn't fully work, let's play around with it until it does

@proxeus There may be, I last played with it when I was around 13. It actually functions OK until you insert a SIM card, and I wanted to use it as a daily driver once, but was unable to.

@proxeus I have a similiar one! The Nokia Communicator series were dope! :D

@freon netbooks were cool, but due to cost limitations they all were fragile af. I still miss this device class tho, there hasn't been a replacement for them since like 2011

@ffs @roka /r9k/?? BUT IT'S FULL OF FEDERAL AGENTS!! Quick, the foil hat!

The coolest screenshot of FOSS software mankind has achieved

@ffs @roka
> what foil?
see? I told you! :D

> Cloudflare was threatened by the FBI to take down 8ch
state the fact, not your conspiracy theories from /x/

> Are you ignorant or ignorant?
neither tbh. I like facts.

> Time for your sissy pill my little crossdresser!
people like you are the reason why chans aren't seen as normal web forums, but rather as the source of all bad in the world. Be gone.

@ffs @roka
You should really take off your foil hat once in a while.

@ffs @roka like anyone is going to get bothered by a repost where I don't claim that I made the image. This is the real world, and spreading an image may cause the artist to get better known, and no one would deny some free ads that bring true fans to your work.

Also, I didn't quite get the analytics part - have you heard about request blocking?

@ajroach42 OK, that changes things a little :D

I don't know what your music taste is, if it was my trip, I'd probably go with some Mike Oldfield. Can't beat the power of Glockenspiel.

this reminds me that I have it on 8-track.. I need to get an 8-track player..

@ffs @roka
Why am I on a 18+ site? Because I like the community, and those cute anime grills aren't gonna post themselves.

also, this thing you call "neurodiversity" are just my opinions. Using difficult or uncommon words doesn't make you smarter.

@ajroach42 prepare to remake the list over and over, hehe

It's not something that you make once, it's something that will evolve over time. Also, enjoying your new car also can be done without music, and you'll be probably so hyped about it that you won't even notice :P

@ffs @roka
"You are are retarded" smh

I'm more worried of admins banning my IP because I'm underage (which won't happen, because they won't ever know) than I'm worried about feds.

/c/ is a SFW anime grill posting board. It's for everyone, and if federals want to join us - come and post cute girls, I'm just fine!

/g/ is a mostly SFW tech board, and it's opinionated as frick. Even if some fed would try to make me use software w/ backdoors, I can still use my head and think. Also, I go there mostly for /tpg/, so there's nothing that can happen.

I don't get why people are so afraid of harmless things.

@ffs @roka
You're* ignorant, not You ignorant.

You didn't write anything groundbreaking. We all know that 4chan wasn't the first chan, but I doubt that your "work" was the first one either.

Also, I don't get how 4chan doesn't have me..? I lurk and I post, mostly on /c/ or /g/

@ffs @roka
> most admins were furries
I think that you're living in an alternate reality. moot may be a newfag, but he's not a furry, and you can't deny that 4chan is one of the bigger chans out there.

Also, although chans may have evolved from BBS, text boards appeared first, THEN image boards, not the other way around. The fact that textboards like 2channel survived to or almost to this very day is another story.

> (...) 8chs inevitable demise. It's "payback" for ousting the feds.
Inevitable? "Ousting" the feds? Sweetie, tell me why 4chan's /b/ is still up and very much alive if there's CP and worse things if not on a weekly, then on a monthly basis?

@roka People on chans are so freaking diverse. It kinda boggles my mind that we're all together because of japanese drawings.

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