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@sn0w this is golden. I don't even know what i've expected when i was launching chromium just to test this.

@Wolf480pl @saper @jorty I'd dial into a BBS with shell access (ATDT01189998819991197253, congrats to anyone who got the reference), and then it would be raaather simple.

but yeah, connecting via PPP would be hardcore.

@kechpaja @Wolf480pl well, you can at least use SSH proxying on these. Painful, but works.

@Wolf480pl @saper @jorty Yeah, i know, i was just thinking, like theoretically. Serial would be still waaay too fast, even at 220 baud (lowest speed I'm aware of, idk if there was something widely used below). TTY is not a speed challenge as you can just type.

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@Wolf480pl @saper @jorty okay, this is, like, next level. Can we do web browsing by using a LED and a microswitch on an ethernet cable then?

@sathariel oh, so it's airing now? Cool! I might catch up on it later next week, thanks for sharing! ^^

@sathariel hymm, sounds cool from what i've just read on mal. Is it any good tho?

@freon @dax @saper @jorty
systemd is kinda like emacs. Emacs is good at everything but it lacks an excellent text editor; Systemd has everything, but it lacks a good init system.

@fluttergirly yeah, I get your idea. Still, we probably won't see such a thing from ninty officially

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@fluttergirly It would be cool, but wouldn't make much sense from Nintendo's perspective. Like, they earn tons of money on hardware, and then tons on licensing software or selling their own. With a cheaper console they wouldn't earn that much on hardware (margins would have to be thinner), third party support would be OUT as no one would like to code on a cheap, low-end platform, and their own soft would have to be highly optimized to even run.

but yeah, the idea is cool.

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@robots Cool! I've never coded in nodejs (i have some experience in PHP, maybe one day i'll try with node), so i prooooobably wouldn't be of much help with the project. Still, if you'd need anyone for testing or small bugtracking and fixing, just leave me a message :P