@314 why, and how comes?

the only non-japanese name I used for a computer in the past 6 years was TEMP on a temporary test machine, once someone saw it on a network I immediately got questions on why didn't I name it properly

@314 I never thought that I'd read about "rsyncing megumin"

(although I shouldn't be too surprised, I use anime names on most if not all of my computers too <.<)

@Wolf480pl @przemub Personally, I tend to get tangled up in planning, because it's fun to think what could be done with a project. Because of that, projects that I planned out always kinda underdeliver, and quick projects that I made up on the spot overdeliver after just an hour or two of (usually) fun coding.

This might be just me, but since I've been trying to mitigate it, I don't underdeliver as much.

@314 @Wolf480pl @selfisekai oh, so it's not enforced right now? :blobthinking:

(I'm at around 9K now, but I plan to optimize it to the max and use every last byte :P)

@314 I actually finished that earlier today. This task was a blast, now I just need to optimize it a bit before sending :P

(NWW, on the other hand, is NOT a blast, I (and probably @selfisekai too) absolutely hate it <.<)

@lanodan b..blerm.. blemora?

jokes aside, at first I thought that it was plemora. It took me like a month to get used to the right name

@bhtooefr @SuricrasiaOnline 2000 just used Tahoma as a standard UI font without any anti-aliasing, Millenium and earlier non-NT versions used some other font, but I can't be bothered to check which one was that.

So, just using Tahoma would be probably the easiest.

@SuricrasiaOnline Quite nice, but using a custom font would add to the experience. Consider copying some TTFs from win98 or 2000 :P

@Wolf480pl @thog It's a normal desktop tower, I don't use any laptops besides my X60s :P

I'd upload a pic here, but I'm not home :v

@Wolf480pl my Ryzen 5 2600 at ~80% load after opening the case. It was reaching 75°C with a closed one, that's what I get for a sleeper build.
@thog 98°C is a bit much, are you using a stock cooler or something?

@Wolf480pl @mrbill0 availability is kinda bad, but if you search allegro for a while, cheaper (non Buy Now) options will appear. No one wants to buy them, so they can be REALLY cheap

@dwaltiz didn't want to use the default one, 1337 seemed too obvious.

the server is just for fun tho

@Wolf480pl @mrbill0 since when does wrt54gl cost 10USD? I've got one for 10PLN and another for 15, both of them combined don't even equate to $10

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