Due to niu closing in a few months, together with @selfisekai we set up a small pleroma instance. Follow us at @reds and @selfisekai

also you can join us if you want but idk how much people the instance can support, so your mileage may vary

@steph yeah figured out that much

not that I really care. I like numbers.

@selfisekai oof

I believe in ya', you'll definitely improve your grades *pat* *pat*

@selfisekai I hope that it'll stay that way, your dad trying to stop us from talking is probably the last thing I'd like to happen.

(looking at this from another perspective - EVEN IF, what power does he have? love is unstoppable or something)

@314 @selfisekai Oh, yeah, sorry. I haven't slept well last night, so I might be writing like a ten year old

@314 @selfisekai I'm looking at it mostly from "ISP will make problems" perspective.

besides that yeah, port forwarding would be easier

@314 Setting up the port forward might be more cumbersome tho. Remember that @selfisekai's parents might not be the most optimistic people about hosting a server at home, probably 24/7, and IDK if she'll be able to talk to the ISP herself.

@selfisekai an alternative for paying 4,99 for unlocking ports, you can try using reverse SSH port forwarding, I do it on my raspberry pi, and it doesn't work __that__ terribly.

@hj I think that I once tried to steal a ThinkPad from a partly-lucid dream. Taking data is much easier, the only limit is how much you can remember. It will be mostly gibberish when you wake up tho

@wowaname @lain Elixir imitating pleroma's versioning scheme.

This timeline is just great

@lain the biggest upside of a laptop is that it already has a screen, and as a multi-monitor user, it's ultra important for me to have as much screen real-estate as possible.

Otherwise, I don't miss the times when I've had a laptop as a main PC.

@314 @Wolf480pl @selfisekai Wait. That's ironic.

thus, it doesn't increase the comicallity, using `iksde` is like writing `/s`

normal people in DMs: idk, they talk
me and @selfisekai : measuring level of comicality of a certain post by counting Ds in `xDD` with a regex.

I guess they don't call her `regex expert` for nothing, huh? I've seriously struck gold in this relationship <.<

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