#revision2019 and so, that was the opening ceremony. That was awesome.

And now, the music fast compo rules...

and the Meteoriks in an hour.

PLEASE tune into twitch to watch the meteoriks if you're at home. Please. It's... the celebration of the previous year in the demoscene.

@cdmnky OH COOL

you might wanna consider a screen recalibration tho :D

@alexandria nah, that was just a demo. I'm actually writing a client for something, but I don't want to spoil it yet :P

@technomancy it might've been just a bit of stock footage.

(it looks damn nice btw)

latest libcurl and other cool stuff on Windows 98SE (see pic).

Why? You'll probably see in a week or two :P

@duponin Nah, I don't have a Model M at my family home :P

It's a Chicony KB-5191 w/ Futaba Clicky switches. Average keyfeel, but I like 'em.

@RafiX have you thought about an ESP8285 or simuliar? They're cheap and cool.

@izaya Correct! That's a random s462 heatsink literally taped to the p2. Welp, at least it's fanless xD

@izaya partially right, but I still think that my chips are broken. Come on, you can see it in the pic

@izaya The first 233MHz model. Had a few of Pentium IIs, but for some weird reason that's the only one I could find.

Bonus points if you guess what's wrong with said pentium and its surroundings

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