wow it works (ignore broken lcd I've already ordered a Dell lappie for parts)

@fluff you'll automatically the Programmer (of) Socks as well!

@Miaourt needs some getting used to, but it's finally something that's 4:3/5:3 friendly - yay no scalling or horizontal scroll!

heads up if you ever use gimp for redacting screenshots and the like 

So much years of Unix and I still don't really know exactly when I should put a / at the end of directories when copying.

And it's always because of the other side, as I know that appending a / makes it use the contents (a bit like path* vs path/*) rather than copy the directory like a regular file.

@perkele What.. What is the point?

This is literally lua and bash mashed up, but worse. I don't see an usecase for this: It cannot easily replace a standard shell, and python3 is much more fit for a rapid-prototyping task

@duponin probably caused by eyestrain. Step back from the screen for a bit / turn on flux / see a doctor

(to be honest, I have a similiar problem right now :vv)

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