latest libcurl and other cool stuff on Windows 98SE (see pic).

Why? You'll probably see in a week or two :P

A weekend project, maybe? (look at the cards)

also, I got this motherboard from @BluRaf because it had artifacts.. Give it a slower CPU and heck, it works!

Another one bites the dust.

(this is actually my X200, highly modded besides libreboot because I don't have original parts and I need to fix it. Took it out of the closet because I got excited at the idea to fit something inthe remaining 7MB of the free ROM that libreboot leavess)

Corebooted two thinkpads (x200, t420, both owned by @oscareczek ) this weekend, that was fun

also the docs are terrible and include no troubleshooting. 10/10

I should start adding anime grills to my more tech-related posts. Would fool me into thinking that anyone is here for the coding part of me :p

have a ryuko

My new X40! So far I've cleaned it up, removed the password (using another thinkpad with a COM port) and made a new CMOS battery. This will make a neat carryaround or a retro app dev machine :3

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