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tp 600, 98se modified by @oscareczek; having fun in gimp 1.2

last shot of this , @BluRaf using a thinkpad as a boombox xD

This is the worst network setup i've made to date.. oh wait, i've said this before xD

also i have literally four thinkpads in my backpack and bag <.<

My attempt at photographing blood moon. Pretty `okay` considering that I don't have a DSLR and these were shot with my redmi note 2 :p

All sewn! This patch looks awsom on this backpack! :3

Today's loot from manga shop in Katowice <33

right half is @pfx's, left half is mine. Sweet stuff :3

didn't see that one coming a week ago <.<

New lappie, (relatively) new stickers. Going kinda minimalistic, i don't like the clutter.


The weather is really nice today.. unlike my grades, but things are overally getting better.