@duponin just checked out a cli editor that I've used a few years back, but it crashed a few times and I gave up. Looks promising now, much more stable, and the best part is that it uses common keyboard shortcuts, thus I don't need to learn much.

hard to believe that I never posted that one. literally in the av

Ripping a cassette on my Unitra ZRK M7008 and ThinkPad X32 (line input <3)

Weird how I tend to get bored with other characters, only to get back to after some time. Time and time again.

from top: ThinkPad 600X (bought as broken, arrived today in working condition), ThinkPad 600 (had this for a while)

quest for today: merge them into a perfect-condition one and "OK" one.
side quest: WiFi in the perfect one as it has a mPCI slot

I've just mashed together TVout and EtherCard libraries and this came out. See you in seven hours when I get some sleep xD

random but not quite

(pygame, some random.randint magic)

Current state of switch haxxing

(i wonder why ninty didn't include a way to add a wallpaper in the stock HOS)

My ca. 1993 Model M has arrived at last, after around 24 days! :D

it's so neat~~

my inet radio is doing g r e a t

(first is youtube stats from last ~2 days, second is ffserver stats since server start last week - 11GB served is there only because streaming to youtube, half of served connections are probably just me)

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