normal people in DMs: idk, they talk
me and @selfisekai : measuring level of comicality of a certain post by counting Ds in `xDD` with a regex.

I guess they don't call her `regex expert` for nothing, huh? I've seriously struck gold in this relationship <.<

Flashed 2 thinkpads with Coreboot today, one more to go! Using a SOIC clips works awesome compared to soldering all the wires manually :D

Bought an MD Walkman, I finally don't need to carry my X60s around to listen to music. Best part? It was like $15, and it's in almost perfect condition! :D

Haruhi Suzumiya - God Knows

i'm terrible at handling paper, but this poster is STILL going to stay

_i'll go to bed early today.._
3 hours later: oh well, my deck doesn't fully work, let's play around with it until it does

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