@redsPL I don't remember this scene from anime. Which episode is it?

@HalfTough 99% sure it's from the OP, but i haven't watched it in a while so i might be wrong

@redsPL It is :nyoron: I never noticed Chomusuke there before.

@Wolf480pl this is a hostname i've choosen for my X61t waaaay before i've had a nickname like that xD
it kinda stuck to my main workstation, but i'll probably end its legacy with x230

@Wolf480pl yeah, i've looked up names of colors in japanese. I was kinda amazed by this language ever since I was a child

@Wolf480pl やや..

also, shouldn't it be suki and desu-ka? i might be wrong, i'm only started learning japanese a few months ago :x

@redsPL I'm typing the way it'd be pronounced. You'd write it suki, but you don't pronounce the 'u'.
As for "-ka" vs "-ne" - "ka" is question, "ne" is "isn't it?" or "right?".
So my sentence ment more or less
"[you] like Japanese, right?"

@Wolf480pl i think that desu-ne means "it is", and desu-ka means "is it?", but I might be wrong.
btw, my answer meant "sort of"

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