rate how terrible is this idea: moving my Nextcloud data to Wasabi (set it up as an external storage)

so the thing is I set it up on a cheap VPS from Aruba, but can't expand that 20 GBs of storage

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inb4 just set it up on raspberry pi with a hard drive at home - Aruba is 4,92 PLN, unlocking ports on my router is 4,99 PLN (seriously, there's no user config and everything has to be done by ISPs' employees during a call), and apart from the hardware costs it would have power outages every few months and network outages almost every night

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@selfisekai an alternative for paying 4,99 for unlocking ports, you can try using reverse SSH port forwarding, I do it on my raspberry pi, and it doesn't work __that__ terribly.

@redsPL @selfisekai or you could pay 4.99 and have one bottleneck instead of two

@314 Setting up the port forward might be more cumbersome tho. Remember that @selfisekai's parents might not be the most optimistic people about hosting a server at home, probably 24/7, and IDK if she'll be able to talk to the ISP herself.

@314 @selfisekai I'm looking at it mostly from "ISP will make problems" perspective.

besides that yeah, port forwarding would be easier

@redsPL @selfisekai i mean i'm nitpicking your english this time, not the idea. i understand why forwarding is better in this case, it's just, you don't say something is "more cumbersome" and follow it up with explanation of how it's easier (so less cumbersome)

@314 @selfisekai Oh, yeah, sorry. I haven't slept well last night, so I might be writing like a ten year old

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