@redsPL the style of window decorations IMO kinda conflicts with the style of everything else

@Wolf480pl Are you referring to the color, or to the fact that it's Motif? I actually just really like Motif and thus it ends up almost anywhere I go. As for the color, I like green. A lot.

@redsPL I'm referring specifically to the embossed lines on the titlebar. I have no idea if Motif can be made to look differently, but IMO as it looks like now, it doesn't mesh well with the glassy look of the rest of the desktop (transparent terminal background, glass on the wallpaper).

That being said, it's your desktop, so it doesn't matter if it looks good to me as long as it looks good to you.

But you could take some inspiration from Win7 if you want a proper glassy look :P
(only half-joking)

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