@ajroach42 regarding our talk yesterday, just wondering - what's your standing on using cases from old, broken-beyond-repair laptops for new projects?

@redsPL I haven't done anything with old laptop cases, but I am not opposed to the idea.

In general, I find it difficult to get a laptop screen working with any other device. Ditto the mouse and keyboard in most cases. And the cases themselves are thin, brittle plastic. Usually not worth the energy to repurpose, compared to doing something new.

@ajroach42 Keyboards are usually doable, it just takes some time to reverse-engineer the pinout. Most touchpads/trackballs and ALL trackpoints (at least IBM's, idk about AccuPoint and such) from back in the day were PS/2, so it's a matter of getting a USB to PS/2 adapter. About screens.. It's usually the best to just buy a new one, hopefully something fitting.

The question was purely theoretical tho, I've met a few people that are 100% agains the idea and would rather give out original parts for free than re-use them for new projects.

@redsPL oh, nah. Reuse is always my preference when it's achievable.

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