I've been playing around with a public API that provides real-time bus/tram location in my city. Connected it to OpenStreetMap, and while adding a simple bus search feature it just stopped working.

Turns out that for some weird reason the API stopped returning data. Also, it's 4am, I should get some sleep as school starts tommorow.

@redsPL i really want libre public transport navigation that actually works

I messed with transportr (fdroid app for this, presumably) once upon a time but it has no support for any real time data internally. even though it's backend (navitia) does i think

@redsPL maybe there's a usage limit? I had to use the UK transport API once and they had a maximum number of requests you could make per day.

@exelotl nope, the Vehicles array was empty for 10 or so minutes. It returned back to normal around the time of my posting

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