I need game recommendations. What to play on GBA SP/GBC/GB? idk what I'm looking for I like RPGs but no pokemon pls

@redsPL "I like RPGs" Square has a pretty strong back catalogue on the GBA, there's also Golden Sun and other more obscure stuff I can't be fucked to remember. That being said, the only "real" standout title of the GBA to me is *probably* Advance Wars and it's sequels, but I've always been a sucker for that kind of consolized strategy game anyway (see also: Nectaris on the PC Engine)

@devilish oh yeah there was Golden Sun, I forgot about this game!

also Advance Wars looks hella fun, I'll try it out

metroid: zero mission (mandatory)
metroid: fusion
zelda: the minish cap
golden sun
astro boy: the omega factor
castlevania: aria of sorrow
ninja five-o
sonic advance 3

@freon I need to get into metroid. Already beating MinishCap (it becomes kinda hard for me at times because I don't see obvious solutions <.<)

also didn't know that there was a Castlevania game for gba, niiice

@redsPL Do you like Dragon Quest? The GBC versions of the first three are very good, and Dragon Warrior Monsters is a pretty nice monster trainer RPG that manages to be completely different from Pokemon.

@redsPL its not a "real RPG" but have you played the Hamtaro GBA games

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