A weekend project, maybe? (look at the cards)

also, I got this motherboard from @BluRaf because it had artifacts.. Give it a slower CPU and heck, it works!

@izaya The first 233MHz model. Had a few of Pentium IIs, but for some weird reason that's the only one I could find.

Bonus points if you guess what's wrong with said pentium and its surroundings

@redsPL One of the RAM slots doesn't work for unclear reasons.

@izaya partially right, but I still think that my chips are broken. Come on, you can see it in the pic

@redsPL heatsink is wonk?

I'm not sure what I'm looking for

@izaya Correct! That's a random s462 heatsink literally taped to the p2. Welp, at least it's fanless xD

@redsPL ah
my 350Mhz P2 box has the stock heatsink but an 80mm fan ziptied to it because the stock like 30mm one was SO LOUD

@redsPL WTF
I swear it looked burnt, chipset was hot almost immediately after turning it on

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