Just finished a new project, this time I embedded a full Windows 3.1 w/ a ton of utils into a coreboot ROM on a ThinkPad X200. Small showcase and blogpost: youtu.be/g6WYm0BsgNA

@redsPL 1. That's really cool! :blobowo:

2. All that music but no tada.wav? :thonking:

@polychrome tada.wav was only present in some releases. Turns out I forgot to backport it :P

@redsPL Haruhi~ !! (nice article btw, I wish I would have a X200 to put it as a boot option)

@lanodan It works fine on qemu except the sound and the wallpaper (it'll be a bit stretched, scaled it to look nicer on 16:10)

@redsPL Oh even with -sounhw pcspk it doesn’t work? (does it do the windows boot sound so I can test?)
@redsPL Oh, I managed to got theses by restarting the Windows session.

@redsPL I’m impressed with your determination for this project. Kudos :blobcat:

@redsPL This is interesting, but a Start menu in 3.1?
@redsPL Ha, wow, this is amazing.

Wonder if anyone ever ported LiteStep to 3.1.

@redsPL That directory listing at the end is such a mood.

(This is great, by the way!)

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