@redsPL >posting at 5 AM
Are you sure you're getting enough sleep?

@Wolf480pl I just woke up, so yeah

(tl;dr: because of the school strike I could go to sleep ultra late, so I configured ssl on my server (finally!), and finished writing an article about a project (coming s00n))

Come to think of it, @Miaourt lives in the same timezone and he liked my post shortly after posting.. Are you getting enough sleep?

@redsPL @Wolf480pl @Miaourt >because of the school strike
If you're still a school student, you're in theory obligated to go according to the schedule while principal has legal obligation of providing place for you. Same goes for teachers who do decide to strike - they strike during their work hours, just don't do anything (and likewise don't get paid).

@roka @Miaourt @redsPL
>in theory obliged
LMAO, it's not like anyone gives a shit.

Also, the principal could just call it principal's holiday ("dni dyrektorskie").

Who in their right mind would expect high school students to show up at school if they knew they're gonna be sitting there doing nothing all day?

@Wolf480pl @Miaourt @redsPL also there's a limited pool of „dyrektorskie” - and the strike is supposed to be indefinite (though you'll likely see more and more teachers dropping out because of shekel problems)

@roka @Miaourt @Wolf480pl the strike will probably last a week or less

ZNP isn't that strong IMO

@roka @Miaourt @redsPL does that mean the teachers also won't take part in exam comissions during matura exam?
That'd be "fun"...

@Wolf480pl @Miaourt @redsPL depends on the teacher - in theory every teacher decides whether he or she strikes during each day, that is why committees make lists. In theory, said committees are also supposed to curb instances of bullying for breaking the strike from other people on strike… but with how charged the atmosphere is, it could be a bit difficult.
@Wolf480pl @Miaourt @redsPL correction - I suppose committee members are unable to NOT strike (which would be a bummer if they were involuntarily drafted by unions or something like that)

@roka @Miaourt @Wolf480pl 97% of my teachers declared that they will strike, and afaik they're not going to school. In theory, I should be able to go and just sit there, in practice, the school is probably closed.

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