just started a keygen + misc module + midi internet radio, check it out! kurisu.sakamoto.pl/

@redsPL https when?

Also, what does the "keygen + midi + misc module" mean? I know some of those words, but...

@Wolf480pl https probably later this week, I need to setup Let's Encrypt

keygen as in keygen music, mostly tracker with a rock/techno vibe. Rest are just some of my personal favourites.

@redsPL oh, module as in mod plug tracker, etc?
I was thinking "what's misc_module.so" xD

@redsPL added to my playlist streams, will listen to it on and off with hackers.town radio and various white noise bits from mynoise (:

@redsPL@niu.moe i like so much you collection http://kurisu.sakamoto.pl/files/ :). Iam using xmp on gnu/Linux to play the tracker mods. :). XMP is a cli player. Real shit.

@fanta Hey, glad you like it. It's not my full collection, just the best part of it :P
As for XMP, I use it on my lappie, but because of some problems with file types and sorting I just use plain ffmpeg for the radio (modplug unfortunately, but it got better recently)

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