>report to Gargron that whitespace trimming in Mastodon is broken
>he fixes exactly my issue and a few others
>mfw i still can have my whitespace nick, I just have to choose another whitespace character that still has problems

Cool whitespace character for today: mongolian vowel separator

@redsPL why do you keep making going to your profile inconvenient?
@lanodan @Wolf480pl @oscareczek @redsPL Wolf doesn't really have the ability to run plerofe on niu though and he's the one most hurt
@lanodan @Wolf480pl @oscareczek @redsPL I mean I'm just waiting for the C2S API where client builds the objects and the activities and shit
@Michcioperz @Wolf480pl @oscareczek @redsPL Well, pleroma has a part of ActivityPub C2S, pretty sure I would make it full once we stable 1.0 and after the AdminAPI.
@Michcioperz /inbox and /users/:nickname/inbox is there but not tested much and probably incomplete, and there is /users/:nickname/outbox too but surely incomplete.

@Michcioperz @lanodan @oscareczek @redsPL

Even if I could use pleroma-fe, I wouldn't. There are multiple things about it that I don't like.

@redsPL @Michcioperz ok, but why do you keep setting your displayname to whitespace-only?

@Wolf480pl @Michcioperz Just because I can, and I shouldn't be able to. A small part of me also thinks that it's funny and/or hackery

@redsPL @Wolf480pl I mean, you could always run a custom ActivityPub instance where the whole point is breaking production

@Michcioperz @redsPL IMO, it's better if someone without malicious intentions does it as soon as possible, so that other implementations develop defenses against it.

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