New lappie, (relatively) new stickers. Going kinda minimalistic, i don't like the clutter.


@redsPL yeah... I don't like laptops that I've seen with 10+ pics all relating to JS frameworks

@prydt oh yeah, those are the worst xD

thought about adding a MS-DOS sticker besides those three, but idk if it'll fit any nicely.

@redsPL yea... I had a friend with a apple logo on his windows surface

@Kadomony @redsPL and wallpapers you can easily change


You literally glued on a wallpaper on your laptop’s cover 🤔

@ilovecomputers @redsPL if I could afford it, I'd have it lazer etched into literally everything.

@Wolf480pl I've got a magical Megumin on the wallpaper :d

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