It's actually kinda funny how trying Haiku "for real" for the first time feels almost like trying Linux for the first time. I really like this strange feel of disinformation, things not working "yet"; The adventure of learning new cool stuff is a surprisingly cool one, sad how I last experienced this in 2009.

@redsPL excited to see someone talking about Haiku!

@jjg kinda ignited a discussion about user experience in good old BeOS on /r/retrobattlestations this morning, and thought that it would be cool to try Haiku again. As i said, cool stuff.

@redsPL it's been awhile since I tried it, do they have an ARM port yet?

@jjg IIRC yes, but it's listed as an unsupported unstable one. Currently running amd64 version on @pfx's (thanks for borrowing <.<) ThinkPad x200s


I'd love to get that running on my Pinebook... 🤔

(too many projects)


@jjg @pfx whoa, never heard about the pinebook; from what i see, pretty nice hackery piece of hw, i hope that you'll get Haiku working on it someday :P

also, kinda off-topic: my only problem with those kind of lappies is that they lack the TrackPoint. I somehow really like this aesthetic of laptops that kinda imitate older macbooks, but i can't stand touchpads, so they're out of the question for me :x

@redsPL Yeah the Pinebook is alright, but the trackpad is terrible, and the keyboard isn't great either.

Then again, what do you expect for under a hundo? :)

Most interesting to me is that it's mostly open-source hardware (to the extent any ARM SOC is). If the keyboard/trackpad was just a little better I'd use it all the time, but for now I fall-back to an old Thinkpad as well.


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