@ravaaltiago @Ocean https://duckduckgo.com

they don't save search history or track you with their links
@absturztaube @Ocean @ravaaltiago startpage uses google results, and they've been known to use their algorithm to bury search results and prioritize the ones that make them the most money
@cdmnky @absturztaube @Ocean @ravaaltiago I doubt the raw datasets are affected by this. After all, the point of Startpage is to get unaltered results
@wolfie @absturztaube @ravaaltiago searx is okay but its mature content filter is hot garbage lol
@cdmnky @absturztaube @ravaaltiago As in it is bad at filtering it or it is overly aggressive in it?
@wolfie @absturztaube @ravaaltiago bad

porn pages are some of the most heavily SEOed things in the world, even with full filters on, a lot of your searches' first few entries are links to pornhub
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