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Why couldn't I make friends that don't treat me like shit

>friend wants to hang out somewhere and eat
>say "I have no money"
>other friend just says "haha fucker"

time to escape pain by playing megaman haaha

also @rye you never added me on switch

also for anyone else feel free to add me

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>when people in your "group of friends" compare you to the worst friend out of the whole group who keeps setting himself for failure and acts up, and but you are nothing like him
>they keep doing it to a point where you just get offline
>realize you just made it worse and when you come back the comparisons are just going to get bigger

i woke up and did not die in my sleep

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im going to sleep now at 4 in the morning

heres to hoping i dont wake up

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Im thinking of changing my avi, I was going to use Richter because of recent hype over smash and I also had replay symphony of the night and just recently played rondo of blood which is a fantastic game

holy fuck looking back at my old posts was a bad idea

long time no see
I turned 21 in july
so now i can legally die from alcohol poisoning and not get in trouble

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