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The local bank ATM was stuck on a reboot loop. Got curious so I stood by and stared at the screen.

🙎‍♂️ "Are you done using it?"
:blobowo: "It's not working"
🙎‍♂️"Then why are you standing there?"
:blobowo: "The crash loop is fascinating!"
🙎"Maybe if you push a button it'll stop"
:blobowo: "The keypad won't work, see it just emerged from POST to Win7's crash recovery boot menu"
🙍"Are you with the bank? Do they know you're messing with it?"
:blobowo: "I'm just watching"
:blobconfused: ".. it's fun?"

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> From WhatsApp to Alexa : why the ad-free era is over

lol, just stop using exploitative proprietary products

( theguardian.com/technology/201 )

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It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It's necessary. ~ Mandy Hale

and having an s-exp form for them is a good thing, but you want the standard regex syntax too surely?

just write regexes inside strings isn't good enough

fucked up that doesn't have a regular expression lexical syntax

appreciate everybody trying to contribute. some features are out of scope for the project that's all.

ive turned down 2 PRs on linenoise-mob recently: add cmake build script and make it compile as C++

mentions that chrome and chromium implement DRM - this is true but so does mozilla firefox

<Mozilla> Mom can I have money to make an open source web browser?

<Mom> For browsing web??

<Mozilla> yeeeeeees

<Mozilla> *actually implements DRM and interferes with the Kazakhstan government*

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being mostly dumb and stupid is great because no one expects anything of you. then when you say something smart like “marcel proust” everyone loses their shit

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I received water. I'm very grateful.

— Zulban Borushamost, militia commander

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The denial is strong. It doesn't matter how much evidence you show some people that industrial agriculture is unsustainable, produces poor quality food-like products, poisons and kills soil biota and pollinators, contributes to climate change, *and* causes more food waste and shortages than it fixes. They are determined to believe that corporate and industrial = science, and the distributed ownership and regenerative methods of systems like permaculture = anti-science:

NEVER UPDATE SOFTWARE: it's a trap. the update breaks everything.

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@rain as far as I am aware its plain text which has always been why I wrap any mysql connection in ssh.

@akkartik @kingcons @gcb @alcinnz
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@akkartik @gcb @rain @kingcons i always thought that Bash is terrifying, but i didn't realize it's this terrifying…

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@rain @alcinnz @gcb @kingcons @akkartik So the original method uses escaped plaintext queries. But at some point someone figured out that they could parse a symbolic version of a query, save that parsed version, and then provide non-escaped arguments to that pre-parsed query, which is both faster (for complex queries) and much safer. I have no idea what the protocol looks like for this but I assume it has explicit string lengths or null terminators or something, instead of quoting.

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