r6rs scheme specified a compleely different version of "define-record-type" than the normal srfi-9 define-record-type. A new incomparable API. Well done!

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It's unfortunate out-of -band control characters are so difficult to insert. ASCII has a seriously useful set of control characters that are nearly impossible to type using a standard keyboard.

OH "If you're not having a good time.. start having a good time!"

apparently it's doom 1993 this time, nice.

I never have a clue what game "doom" refers to anymore. Thanks guys..... good job...

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It is absurd how often rolling my own tool using my Forth system that does the one useful thing I want is a far better experience than dealing with a big tool that does lots of stuff that I have to learn and can't change

And now I can put a "slide" into my presentation that is literally my game, or my music REPL, because my presentation software can easily coexist with my other tools

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Hey #retrocomputing mastodon - I'm putting together a little talk that I'm giving at my workplace and I want to present something resembling "slides" from an MS-DOS 286. Any suggestions for tools? I started messing with NeoBook and it'd do the job but I don't love it.

I'd make my slides with Klik & Play but it requires a 386.

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Software is always situated in a dynamic context and our tools have to expose that dynamism as a first class property. That's why we need interactive runtimes that empower and enable their users to change the system to accommodate the dynamic nature of the context in which the system operates.

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Bret Victor is the last bearer of that torch.

The fediverse is incredible, I can't believe all these different sites are linking together.

It shows you what is possible!

Markdown has a problem where *bold* text would carry on for ages if a single * was placed by accident.

What's the best solution to this? Making formatting controls only apply within a single line?

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$ launchctl --help
Unknown argument: '--'
Unknown argument: '-h'
Unknown argument: '-e'
Unknown argument: '-l'
Unknown argument: '-p'


I love connecting with people on here, so many real folks

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !